Designing a home for the elderly is not difficult. But there are a few details that must be taken into consideration, like a 2-story, half-timbered, half-cemented with a living space of 42 sq.m. This house HomeGuru received a challenge from homeowner to make over to get a house with design and function suitable for the elder.

The classic problem of the old house

The problems faced by the team in this house is the design of an old house which has the function of not responding to the residents especially the elder. What needs to be revised is the ceiling that does not install the ceiling board. Wood that is used for a long time will have deflection and distension, the active cement wall. But the plaster wall color is quite old according to the age of the house. It had to peel the paint and make a new color, the floor has to be polished cement coated with Epoxy which is an old-fashioned decoration that is not suitable for the elder. The key problem is the bathroom area that, when surveyed, there are many areas to fix: both the doors that are open inward, the bathroom wall is not built into the ceiling. It is a design for venting the smell in the olden days where there was still no ventilation fan, floor drain or drainage grate in the middle of the room resulting in unhygienic drainage system, not separating wet-dry zones, old-style ceramic toilet that can drain waste slowly and inconvenient for the elder to use.


Makeover the ceiling by installing insulation and ceiling board

Homeowners who want to install air conditioners. First of all, must check the air conditioner installation points, which parts of the wall can be installed. After that, the ceiling must be installed to hide the air conditioning system aside from helping to look more tidy and beautiful. The ceiling installation also helps prevent dust from the 2nd floor from falling down to the 1st floor of the house, as insulation. And it is a sound insulation as well aside from the ceiling, we can attach sound absorbing insulation to help further under the ceiling.

Home Makeover

Types of Insulation

  • Fiberglass insulation use in case that technician has doubled the wall before, soundproof both inside and outside, resistant to heat. The thicker the insulation the better the heat resistance.
  • PE foam can block the sound from the roof when raining, light weight, easy to install, able to cut, suitable for smooth ceiling board and soundproof.
  • T-Bar ceiling sheet easy to install, can easily repair the system above the ceiling, suitable for T-Bar ceiling.
  • Acoustic Board often used with music practice rooms, reduce echoes in the room, easy to install, can be glued on or use double-sided tape.
    * To install the ceiling well, you must cover the area before installing another layer of ceiling. *

Home Makeover

Makeover the floor to be beautiful and classy

Since this house is a polished cement floor that is coated with Epoxy and the level is not good. Leveling the floor is therefore necessary to fix it first. In this case, the door to the house is an exterior open door, making it possible to adjust the floor level in the home without cutting the door and there is no rain flowing back into the house when it rains. For this house, makeover team chose the Click Lock vinyl rubber wood tile that gives a warm feeling, beautiful like real wood, durable, easy to care for and helps reduce impact, not cold, feet feel soft when touched. Suitable for the elder both in design and function. And to match the new painted wall by using the same window set.

Home Makeover

Click Vinyl Tile Laying Process

  1. Check the strength of the original and prepare the surface, take the level by marking as desired.
  2. Wall protection to prevent damage that may occur during flooring.
  3. Clean the surface to clean out dirt.
  4. Mix the desired proportion of cement by blending slowly until it becomes creamy.
  5. Pour cement, leveling with a tooth-like rake, trowel Use a thorn roller to chase away the air bubbles and spread the cement evenly.
  6. Wait for the cement to dry.
  7. Lay 2 mm. foam sheets on the cement floor before laying the vinyl floor.
  8. Click Lock vinyl flooring.

Makeover toilet suitable for the elder

The total bathroom size is 2.66 sq.m. in this house. There are problems at almost every point including using open doors that do not support wheelchair for the elder. Because it will attach the sill. Therefore, it must be adjusted to be a sliding door, UPVC material that is lighter than wooden doors but the problem is that the old door can’t be sliding. Therefore, having to relocate to the other side which the advantage is that the moved location will match the front door can go straight in from the main door. In addition, the makeover team made a slope for the toilet cart at a width of 1 m. to support the wheelchair in many sizes as well. The old wall that is the old door position must be closed and build a wall from the same height as the ceiling. Increasing the space for hanging rail doors with built-in sliding doors and put on a smooth plastered ceiling which is a moisture proof ceiling.


For that part of the floor, the original floor of the house has a problem of drainage because the slope is not level and the position of the floor drain in the middle of the room. Therefore, need to demolish the old tiles to make a new slope including having to move the floor drain position to the corner of the room to solve the problem of slow drainage water and because this house is near the water source. The makeover team chose the floor drain to help keep the reptiles away. As for the floor improvement process, the cement needs to be adjusted, applied waterproofing from the floor to the wall to a height of 20-30 cm and then re-tiling. The non-slip floor tiles chosen by makeover team will be rough tiles with R9 or higher to prevent slipping. As for the wall tiles, it must be re-paved as the entrance is moved. Some system work such as pipes, sanitary ware, sinks able to double wall to hide system work. The draining of various water pipes will be on the bottom as before but adjust to 3-5 cm higher.


Another important issue of the bathroom in this house is the placement of various sanitary ware did not separate wet and dry parts which when the bathroom floor is all wet, it may cause danger to the elder easily. For this case, the makeover team had to lay out the new bathroom by separating wet and dry areas clearly by attaching a shower curtain in the shower zone. Add a shower chair by choosing a chair at the end of the chair leg and the handle is non-slip rubber. The chair legs can be adjusted to the height. The cushion has drainage holes to prevent mold and can drain water quickly can support up to 80 kg weight for the highest safety of the elder. In addition, the makeover team has installed additional accessories for the elder. That is, the wooden support rail in the 3 main points that the handle will not be cold, not numb, suitable for the elder by attaching at a suitable distance of 60 cm from the floor, the shelves are installed low to the level that the wheelchair users can easily handle by themselves. Sanitary ware and faucets use lever type to reduce the use of force on-off. Wheelchair can get into the sink. The mirror can be installed to be seen both sitting and standing. And emphasize the decoration in the bathroom, beige wood color to match with the white bathroom. Hanging on a wall-mounted toilet tissue for convenience. The makeover of this 2.66 square meter bathroom takes only 2 weeks in a budget of 175,642 baht. (This price does not include sanitary ware and materials inside the bathroom).


Makeover bedroom suitable for the elder

For the elder bedroom in this house with a total size of 10.39 square meters. The Makeover team has great ideas which can be adapted to be used in every home by having case to adjust the bedroom of the elder in this house to be a case study.

  • The bedroom should be arranged on the ground floor and near the bathroom because the elder often go to the bathroom at night many times.
  • The floor should be paved with rubber tiles of grade R9 or higher to prevent slippery and give a soft touch.
  • Light yellow which is a natural color Is a wall color suitable for the elder.
  • Lighting should choose soft light for eye comfort. Use natural light as much as possible because the elder eyes will respond more slowly than young people. Automatic sensor lights that can be turned on and off according to movement in the dark can be used to help.


  • The window should be a sliding door and about 50 cm above the floor to allow views of the outside. As well as being able to receive light and be well ventilated.
  • The bed should be at least 180 cm long and should be 40 cm above the ground for easy access and should have space around the three-side bed. Minimum 9-120 cm for wheelchairs.
  • The bed should have a multi-purpose support rail. In order to help themselves to get up and down the bed Helps reduce the chance of accidents.
  • The head of the bed should be fitted with an emergency signal to the caregiver when the elder need urgent help.
  • Headboard should have a distance of 45 cm from the bed and a height of 30 cm for the convenience of daily medication use.

Home Makeover

  • The furniture should not have corners. If it is unavoidable, it should be fitted with corner rubber fenders.
  • The wardrobe should use sliding doors that are easy to slide. Not too heavy. The height of the cabinet is about 150-170 cm. The clothesline and clothes rack are within the reach of the elder.
  • There should be mirrors in the room for the elderly to look at themselves. It stimulates the perception of the current condition.

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