When the structure of a housing estate in the form of a 2-storey single-family house with a size of 60 sq.w. is unable to meet the needs of homeowner and residents until having to be abandoned for up to 7 years. This work needs to be made over modify the house… to return to live by the Home Makeover team took only 90 days to renovate the whole house. How beautiful and different will this work be? Let’s follow HomeGuru to see.

Home Makeover

Problems encountered in the survey

Due to being abandoned and not being maintained for more than 7 years, the condition around this 2-story house became a wasteland. There is a problem of roof leaks at some point. The ceiling in the house became a habitat for pests such as mice. And the exterior paint is in a fading condition due to being exposed to sunlight and causing various stains sticking on the surface when exposed to rain.

The problem with this Home Makeover

The main needs of homeowner in this makeover focusing on improving the original functions of the house to use more efficiently. And add some missing functions, which are mainly the addition of the garage roof of the front porch and the roof in the washing zone. Also, homeowners want to add space for the backyard kitchen which had to smash some walls to expand the space and keep all exterior paint work as well.

ปรับบ้านเปลี่ยนชีวิต 2020

Make Over the Garage Space

In the area of the garage which combined with the balcony area in front of the house has an area of 13.50 x 4.80 meters in size. The mechatronic team began to lay out the structure by choosing a hexagonal pile for use in this part. After the procedure of pressing the needle began to pour, leveling the area. Laying the post structure in various positions. Then making the roof frame for laying the roof nails which the roof material chosen by the make over team is a gray vinyl roof with a 7-degree slope as standard to be able to drain rainwater well. In addition, the end of the roof is also equipped with a folded stainless steel rainwater gutters and 3 inch diameter PVC pipes that will be connected to the underground floor drain system. The PVC pipes will also be covered. Smart Board to hide the system work to look neat with the Smart Board Smart Slot installed with the lighting system.

Make Over พื้นที่โรงจอดรถ

Additional problems encountered in the roof structure that is the original pinion problem with cracks. When the rain falls, rainwater will seep into the house and damage the interior. The makeover team has chosen to use PU, which has confidence in its waterproofing properties and penetrates deep into all areas to use to keep furrows in the cracks in the house to solve this problem in particular.

โพลียูรีเทนอุดรอย สเปร์ยโฟม PU สเปร์ยโฟม B.BOND

In the floor area of the front porch area which is an area connected to that parking garage. The makeover team has laid the box steel at the standard distance of 40 x 80 inches by choosing to use 2 x 2-inch box steel for strength. Covered with wood in the same direction as the ceiling to make the space look more spacious and covering the steel side of the steel edge as a floor storage.

In addition, the main entrance door function has been adjusted. From 2 aluminum sliding doors in the middle of the front wall to move to a new position. In order to spread the direction of walking into different parts Inside the house in many ways. By not obstructing any area Which the new door and frame materials specially made as gray aluminum that has to undergo special baking in order to match the original door and window frames of the house in other parts. Including the addition of a front house mask design to make the wheels go with the original house by using a Smart Board thickness of approximately 9 mm to decorate the wall.

Home Makeover

The price of the makeover, garage and front porch is 362,740 baht.
Total 64.8 sq.m. Price per square 5,597 baht (not including furniture and electric appliances)

Home Makeover

Backyard Kitchen Makeover and Extension

For the kitchen area in the back of the house that the owner wants to add to increase the living space. Needing to break some of the walls to expand the space. After that, the makeover team began to press the needle by choosing to use spun needles to support the weight of this area. Then pour the floor laying pole structures at various positions, making roof structures and then water systems. Electrical systems around the wall and ceiling at the desired point of use before finishing the work of finishing by tiling and painting.


In the interior, there is a construction of cement kitchen counters as the owner wants. Ready to install the door and the black granite slab contrasting with the bright colored tiles that give the modern look a clean look. As for the system work, there is water-wastewater system preparation. At the point that needs to be used including preparing electrical systems for installing the hood. The wall on which the hood is to be installed is designed to have 2 additional windows which are both light channels and ventilating the kitchen too.

Makeover ครัวหลังบ้านและส่วนต่อเติม

The price for making the back-home kitchen and the extension is 179,000 baht.
Total 16.15 sq.m. Price per sq.m. 11,083 Baht (not including furniture and electric appliances)


Washing Area Makeover

For areas in which washing is needed Designed to be an open area for easy use and care when injecting and cleaning. And because it is an area that requires heavy use and has the opportunity to get wet all the time. Makeover team therefore chose to use rough surface tiles especially for exterior flooring. Covered in this area to reduce the chance of slip accidents. But at the same time, giving a natural beauty with natural stone patterns and rough surfaces like real stones. The slope is laid to drain water into the drainage channel. The roof frame is a steel frame installed with a polycarbonate roof.

Makeover พื้นที่ซักล้าง

กระเบื้องพื้น กระเบื้องพื้น กระเบื้องพื้น

The price for making a cover over the washing area is 92,482 baht.
Total 15.5 sq.m. Price per sq.m. 5,966 Baht (not including furniture and electric appliances)

Home Makeover

Making a 2-story single-family house that has been abandoned for over 7 years to live and truly meet the needs of homeowners. Bring this home to life. Ready for re-entry. HomeGuru hopes this Home Makeover will help inspire and make great ideas for people who want to renovate the house. But if you still don’t know where to start, you can walk in to consult with the Home Service team counters at all branches of HomePro, or contact the Home Service by Home Pro application and Call Center. 1284 for 24 hours.

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