For old-age townhouses that need new renovations because of the deterioration of time. One thing HomeGuru believes is a problem that most building owners find is that the deck area is deteriorating. There is a problem of water leakage affecting problems in other parts as follows. 4-storey commercial building, including a 40-year-old deck, which is a heavy problem of the makeover team.


The problem found in this old building was from the 1st floor, was the problem of building cracking, the 2nd floor problem of the damaged electrical system and the 3rd floor problem that is directly affected by the deck, both the ceiling and wall peeling and the floor is swollen due to the cracks in the roof floor, causing leakage due to waterlogging as well as a slope or the slope is not enough. There is no drainage hole. Therefore, causing the waterlogging to become a basin that not only creates all the problems mentioned above It is also the source of fungi that directly affects health.


How to check water leaks from the ceiling?

Prevention of damage to the ceiling The important thing is to have a Service channel that will allow us to go up to check for leaks or repairing various systems that can be in the ceiling. But for a house or old building that doesn’t have a Service channel, you can do so in 8 easy steps as follows:


8 Steps for making Service channel

  1. Drill the ceiling to explore.
  2. Various protection parts by priming with a cloth or plastic to prevent damage to other parts of the house.
  3. Measure the Service box about how long the dimensions should be Which is usually around 40 * 40 cm or 60 * 60 cm.
  4. Drill the service box with a piggy or a saw.
  5. Attach the Service Channel to the ceiling.
  6. Keep the edge of the joint between the gap and the ceiling with stainless steel or aluminum.
  7. Scrub the surface evenly.
  8. Paint to keep the work smooth and beautiful as a last step.


Solving the problem of one-time leaky deck

As I mentioned, all the problems of this building caused by leakage from the upper deck area to end all the problems of the house, the roof problems must be resolved as follows:

Adjust the slope or deck slope to the level by adjusting the center to the highest part. Then slipped out into different corners of the house. The process is to pour the ground and then spread again. By checking the deck with water injection to see the direction of water flow.

  • In the case of leakage to scrub clean the floor to dry then made a new waterproofing.
  • In case of cracks, the traces must be collected with cement plastering or put the putty closed with PU, then apply the waterproofing.


After applying the waterproofing, then adjust the slope, adjust the slope and may choose tiling to help extend the use of the deck as a last step.

Install gutter rail or drainage trough width of about 5-10 cm. around the deck to transport water out through the sewer.

Install drainage points for at least 4 decks in the corner of the building. Caution is do not let the end of the sewer out of the building. Because it would disturb the neighbors and illegal building. If releasing the end of the sewer to pop out outside the building, there must be an area to support the water in the house. But the correct way is to do pipe fitting by attach the pipe to the house and finish paint work. Then make a façade or a new exterior building shape to hide the pipe to look neat and beautiful.

Home Makeover

5 Steps for painting Roof Seal to prevent leak

  1. Clean the area.
  2. Grout along the edge with silicone.
  3. Paint Roof Seal 1st time and leave it to dry for 4 hours.
  4. Paint Roof Seal 2nd time and put fiber mate along the edge.
  5. Paint Roof Seal 3rd time and leave it to dry for 24 hours.


Design idea for old building deck

After successfully solving the leak problem, if anyone still has a budget for adding and decorating the building deck, you can apply the makeover ideas from the makeover team below.

  • The part of the deck wall panel, if painted, may encounter peeling paint problems and causing mold easily in the future. The makeover team then chose the method of using polished plaster to decorate it more beautiful and durable.
  • Small rooftop room. Choose the stone pattern material to make the wall look beautiful. By choosing a color tone that matches with the color of polished cement.
  • Since the deck area is quite wide therefore you can add to the balcony, sun terrace by using metal frame with lath. Not much weight and can be used to block the eyes on the side adjacent to the neighbor.
  • Deck flooring work can be divided into 2 parts, under the terrace that is added to use artificial wood flooring for exterior that is resistant to the sun, can resist the wind, waterproof, termite, easy to install, does not need to be painted and easy to clean. For the remaining space, the team overcame to choose artificial grass that is beautiful and realistic Then decorated with artificial trees in a sense of being surrounded by nature.
  • Arrange outdoor furniture that is beautiful and resistant to all weather conditions.


The idea of renovating an old building in this case came from the main solution of the area from the rooftop. If we fix the problem to the right spots, parts of the house that need to be renovated will not have the same problems. And for the price to make the deck over 93 square meters, this time is 78,585 baht, not including furniture and electric appliances. For those who have problems with home improvement like this case can apply the idea immediately or can consult with the Home Service team counter at any HomePro branch or contact via the Home Service by Home Pro application and Call Center 1284 for 24 hours.

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