Condo area of 42 square meters is considered a standard size that Thai families preferring to live instead of houses. But if there are more members the area is not enough for living and do various activities together. In addition, family members have different styles and lifestyles may interfere with each other and live together unhappily. HomeGuru will take you to look at the makeover condo size 42 square meters, the space is very limited own by Mr. Viratch or also known as Add Carabao Copy Show that has lived for 20 years with a family of 5 people with 3 generations who have a daily life mission at a very different time.

Home Makeover

Mr. Viratch or also known as Add Carabao Copy Show has a singing career at night and use the condo as a singing practice during the day time and went out to sing late at night and go home late every day. He is living with an old father and need enough rest because he was disturbed by the noise during the day and the light at night until getting sick due to insomnia. As for the 2 school-aged children who still sleep together with their parents in the same room have to get up early to go study and use lights to read and do homework late at night which interfere with mother’s sleep.

Home Makeover

The Home Service team surveyed the area and found the main problem with this room condo, that is created a room partition by mistake and the work of Mr. Viratch during the night that is in opposite direction with the life of the family in which the team has designed the space to meet the needs of everyone in the house as follows:

  • Every room must not have noise.
  • Children have their own space to do homework and read books.
  • There is a common area for eating or resting together.

Home Makeover

Take advantage of every square inch of space designed in the Japanese Hostel style

The Home Service team has redesigned the area in different condominiums by allocating more space in the Japanese Hostel style. In the alley, the area is a small lock, place fitted bed and make use of every square inch so everyone has personal space starting from

Father’s bedroom

There is a new area division with the bedroom still in the same place. But adjusting the room size to be smaller, suitable for sleeping alone, by choosing a bed with a drawer function to store personal belongings on the side and partition the room to the end of the ceiling to solve the sound problems. And the light that disturbs the night where other members are still doing activities. While also attaching a vent on the top for better ventilation including moving television and brought the Buddha image outside.

Home Makeover

Mr. Viratch and wife’s bedroom

From sleeping together 4 people, The Home Service team solved the problem by creating a new room for Khun Viratch and wife to have a private space. In the lifted room is a step up from the floor to hide the drawers under the bed to store things tidy. The wall next to the common area uses glass to make the room look airy. By installing the curtain, can be opened-closed when needing privacy.

Home Makeover

Bedroom for both children

Separated into a common area with a bunk bed for both children with reading lights at the head of the bed. And add a reading corner and do homework next to the window for sufficient light causing all members of the house have personal space according to one’s own mission.

Home Makeover

Save storage space with vertical space

Common area or living room

Starting from the walkway to the room, the Home Service team uses vertical space to store items. By creating a large closet along the long wall to the television shelf and place the refrigerator in proportion. Including the dining table design for the whole family, hidden under the television shelf for convenient use and choose a sofa bed to be placed in the common area which can be pulled out to provide an additional resting corner as well. Including attaching vents on the top to help ventilate the air well and the vent also functions as a filter and guide the light in the room inside to receive sufficient light as well.

Home Makeover

Singing practice room

The Home Service team has designed more pillars for home income. By choosing the soundproof material “acoustic board” that can collect sound, absorb sound and reduce echo in the room. Viratch then can practice singing with peace of mind. By not having to practice singing in the bathroom because of fearing to disturb members of the house anymore.

Home Makeover

Balcony area

Use for cooking and washing. The Home Service team has made a makeover by moving the door to the balcony and bathroom to the other side to adjust the area of the original area to be a reading corner. The balcony has built a strong counter so that mothers can use it for cooking. And add shelves above for storage space and for the convenience of food preparation.


We have adjusted the deteriorated condition to have a complete function of use and more hygienic. The design changed the old condo to this small room have adapted ideas from Japan because with a very limited space. Therefore, designed to be fully used every inch including the maximum utilization of vertical space on an area of 42 square meters with 5 residents so that everyone can live their lives happily, comfortably, hygienically, and have a personal space to live different life including activities and the time period as well. In addition, this construction budget is only 18,500 baht per square meter, not including the furniture and electric appliances.

Home Makeover

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