How to Makeover for Family to Live Together?

When 2 elders with different living conditions but have to live together in a home town with a limited space of only 24 square meters, causing the members of the house worry and would like to allocate a suitable area for safety and comfortable in the daily life of both elders. HomeGuru will take you to see the makeover of this 24 sq.m. townhome.

Makeover บ้านเก่า

This townhome is used as a residence for up to 4 family members, namely NijMongkol, her husband, her mother’s husband, and NijMongkol’s mother, who just moved in. After moving into the house, there are double things in the house. Resulting in the allocation of space within the house is not suitable, must use the area on the ground floor as a bedroom of both elders which was originally not designed to support and also use the area below as an online sales office that has a lot of stock.

Makeover บ้านเก่า

The Home Service team then went into the survey and makeover this townhome to meet the needs of both elderly mothers to have a proportionate bedroom and bathroom that supports the elder. Including a common area that works and the 4 members to relax together with happiness, hygiene and safety.

Allocating the area is not suitable for living

The main problem of this house especially the living together of 2 elderly people who have different daily activities including function problems, different sections, not suitable for use, not ventilated especially the kitchen is a sealed area, causing the smoke or smell from the kitchen to be absorbed in the house.

The design of this house will continue to structure and most of the original format Because both elderly people are quite familiar with using the same area. With both the elders have different lifestyles. Therefore, we have to allocate the original living space into proportion and the most beneficial for life.

Makeover บ้านผู้สูงวัย

Separate space with glass walls for open space

Start with 2 bedrooms on the ground floor, arranged in the same position. The front of the house is separated for the bedroom of a mother-in-law. By separating the glass wall to separate the bedroom of the mother-in-law’s husband in the same position clearly which can attach a curtain to open-close when you need to relax. By still using the same old furniture as a bed by the window to get air when the air conditioner is not turned on. Attach the handrails to help support safely when going up and down the bed. And adjust the entrance to the house to be a Living Room to be an area for Khun Nij to use as well as adding a modern sofa table and center table Is a common area for everyone to use to sit, relax and watch television together.

Makeover บ้านผู้สูงวัย

Khun Nij’s mother’s bedroom is a small room and narrow next to the kitchen. With a shelf of Buddha images that continually lit incense which does not have a ventilation system, causing the room to smell musty and hot, therefore, we drilled additional vents at the top, allowing air to flow and add coolness to this bedroom along with installing handrails to help support to increase the convenience of getting up and down the same bed which is quite tall, hang the television on the wall and make floating shelves to save space.

Make good use of space with Duo function design

Dinning area. The dining table is still in the same place. But has added the side wall area as a shelf to store products in an orderly manner, convenient to use and can be adapted to use as your workplace. When they are not eating, it is called the most useful space like Duo function.

Makeover บ้านผู้สูงวัย

The front part uses vertical space to build cabinets and the floor to lay sacred things and collectibles that Mother asked for. In addition, we designed the house by opening the space in the house as open as possible to allow the air to flow from the front of the house to the back of the house with the installation of hot air to the top and draw cool air from the front of the house. To increase the cooling in the house for the elders both who like natural air to live comfortably.

Designed to meet the universal design for the safety of the elders

Bathroom. The small and narrow which all 4 members use together. The Home Service team has a makeover by expanding the bathroom to a wider size. Leveling all the floors. Dividing the area into wet and dry zones using the flow technology or gutters and attached curtains to prevent splashes of water. With the installation of a balance rail, stainless steel surface in various important points which help to support Including installing emergency switches to increase safety for both mothers.

Makeover บ้านผู้สูงวัย

This 30-year-old town home improvement concept is to make the most of all space, taking into account the needs of both mothers. Focusing on opening up space to allow the air in the house to flow well. For the residents to have a better quality of life and enjoy living in the house. With a central area doing activities together, whether it’s sitting in the wind, watching television or eating together with the whole family, helps to build a warm family relationship. The construction budget for this time is just 12,500 baht per square meter, not including furniture and electric appliances.

Makeover บ้านเก่า

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