A one-story house on an area of 28 square meters that has only one room, like a square box that has to do all the activities in this room with up to 5 family members. The members of the house need to have space for privacy, especially for children who are studying, it is necessary to read until late but without a place to sit and read. HomeGuru has ideas for make over this house has a living space of just 20 square meters in order to improve the quality of life for all 5 family members, consisting of paralyzed husband, Khun Suwanthip 58 years old and her 3 children, 2 sons and 1 daughter who are stressed with studying hard at university for a better future.


New layout of the area for maximum benefit

The main problem encountered by the Home Service team is the wrong allocation of space. The living space in the house is crowded, confined, lacking privacy and overlapping areas for activities, bathrooms and kitchens that are not suitable for use. The front grocery area is not safe for the elder. Some of the exterior areas are rented as parking spaces to increase revenue. But there is still another area that has not been used for the most benefit.

To overcome this house, the Home Service team used the new floor plan. By dividing the area into 3 zones which are: The store zone starts with a makeover to divide the room into proportions. And the extension to be a central living space. So that members in the house have a bedroom and have enough space for things that need to be used in daily life and all areas are safe to use.

Design moisture areas in a loft style focus mainly on steel structure

Starting at the front of the house is the grocery store. The Home Service team uses loft and bare cement designs. By pouring and leveling all the floors, make the area smaller. Dividing the wall into a room for safe storage of goods. Make good use of the vertical space by organizing the vertical storage shelves. It is known as a selling corner that has a safer and more convenient storage system than before. By choosing to use steel as a structural material because this house is in a humid place, risking termite or insect infestation in the future.


Next to him is a narrow square room. The only room in the house. The Home Service team allocates a whole new area consisting of 2 bedrooms, a clothing room and a bathroom.

Meet the limited space with Duo Function furniture

2 bedrooms, the first bedroom of women. Let the mother and daughter sleep together in the closed room. With a small table that can be used for reading or doing other activities. The men’s bedroom in which the father and son both sleep together, put the same bed of the father with health problems in front of the window to get a good ventilation. Across the Home Service team, the person who saves a lot of space and can also use the space under the bed to store things. The bedroom divider separates the space between the upper wall and the ceiling for better air circulation.


Glass Box can add more light to your home

In front of the room is a common area where 2 tables and chairs are used for reading corners. Which everyone can use, including adding Glass Box, a small technique for spreading the light in the house to be brighter. Opposite the reading corner, the curtain is used as a large high-rise closet for dressing up which is more personal and can store more clothes than before.

Reduce unwanted odor with sanitary ware to prevent germs and bacteria

The original bathroom was a small room. Use a curtain when showering or changing clothes. There is no equipment or facilities. The Home Service team maintained the bathroom in the same location. But expanding more space by closing the way to the kitchen. Change all toilets to prevent germs and bacteria. No worries about insects and odors. The bathroom floor is clearly divided into wet and dry zones and installing storage racks as well.


The Home Service team has extended and built the multipurpose space on the outside space for maximum benefit. By leaving space for renting a car park as an extra income for the family. In this multi-purpose section, the main function is dining seats that can be used for reading, working, or doing activities together.

Safe with non-flammable materials

The back of this zone is the kitchen that is moved from the back of the house next to the bathroom. The material is fiber cement inside, compressed with foam that does not cause flammability, strong, light weight, can be installed in the kitchen straight away. Use metal battens as room to allow light and air to pass through, look airy and comfortable. The door to the house has moved from the front of the house to this area as a connection between the houses multipurpose room and the kitchen together and also consider safety.


Making a home makeover by dividing the zone into new areas and expanding space to make the most of Has changed the lives of everyone in the family for the better

The Home Service team has created a family essential for every member of the family. Live comfortably and safely in all bedrooms. The hygienic bathroom has a kitchen and multipurpose room used for dining and other activities. The important corner is a reading corner that helps to build a dream of the future. It is called improving the quality of life for the whole family. Live life happily, warmly, in this new, new home. With this construction budget of just 14,700 baht per square meter, not including furniture and electric appliances.

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