The beginning of the old house makeover. The main problem is not only the deterioration of the house, which is a natural thing that many house must meet. But more important Is to consider the needs of residents to use all areas in the house worthwhile and also considering future changes. The old house makeover helps to reduce the proportion of the construction budget to make the house more prominent. Because it was a home makeover under the existing structure. Today, HomeGuru has an idea makeover, a two-story single-family house more than 30 years old, living space of 272 square meters to a new one.

Things to Know Before Home Makeover:

The house structure must be strong. It is a matter that every home must pay attention to because both the internal structure and external in relation to various systems and demolition. Even if it is a long-lived house, it is sometimes necessary to consult a specialist in a makeover. Should not move the bathroom, because it affects the difficulty of moving the pipe system. Should not move the ladder, because the stairs are like the vertebrae or the central axis of the house, if there is a move, must be smashed and demolished a lot.

Adjusted the whole house function by using existing structures to save the budget for making over

The main need for making this house over is the layout of the master bedroom is the dormitory that is convenient to all functions and connects all living areas within the home to be easily accessible, ready to support the dwelling of the elderly in the future (UD Design). But due to the age of the old house, found deterioration problems including doors, windows, colored parquet floors, wallpaper, bathrooms causing embedded stains including the internal toilets causing a lot of damage.

A comfortable room with all functions

2nd floor area with a usable area of 137 square meters, divided into 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. Start by demolishing the blemish to help see all the system work, from electrical cables, floor structures, beam structures and the actual roof height, the electrical system is recommended to install the wall buried wiring during construction. With a spare point for plugs that need to be used the stairs should be positioned in the same place so as not to affect the original structure. And divide the floor plan of the new room in both the bathroom and bedroom zone. The room will be reduced from 32 square meters to 28 square meters. The room is divided into areas, ranging from bed zone with the air conditioner installed at the side, which is considered the best position. At the end of the bed, wall mounted on the TV, will choose the wall type or a TV table as needed.

Organize Storage with Walk in Closet

​Build masonry walls to separate the walk-in closet, may choose to build in or keel. According to preference by dividing the side zone of women’s clothing and men for easy storage. In the window that has light, should choose a dressing table or a desk because it is a corner that is well ventilated.

Bathroom Complete with all functions in a limited space


Walk-in closet connects to the bathroom zone with complete functions, separate wet and dry zones. If the bathroom space is limited, should choose freestanding bath tub Since there is no need to build a counter, saving time and space. If the atmosphere in the bathroom looks too hard can be decorated with artificial green trees.

Next to the master bedroom, increase the area of bedroom 2 and 3 to accommodate the increase of small members in the house by using the shared bathroom in the same location that used to exist together.

Connects all living areas open and airy

1st floor area with a living space of 135 square meters including living room, bathroom, maid’s room and large front yard for parking spaces that are clearly divided. Inside, adjust the divider wall in the middle to get the whole open space. The bathroom position is maintained in the same position so as not to affect the water pipe system in the house, both 1st and 2nd floor. The living room and kitchen zones are connected by eye contact, just using wooden battens to make it look airy. With additional multipurpose room dividers to support the elderly by connecting with the bathroom to create safety and convenience in use of the elderly.

Stiffness or Ramp Test

Is the number that tells the friction of the surface of the tile for safe use. The more numbers the more you slip.

Types of floor tiles

Exterior Tile has more friction than interior floor tiles at R11 and R12-R13, suitable for external areas with slope. In case, the dirt or ingrained stains need to be washed and quite severe scrubbing.

Interior Tile has a rather glossy surface but some types have rough skin with friction value at R9, suitable for general flooring and R10 for areas that need to be wet. In case, stains can be cleaned easier than exterior tiles.

The makeover of an old house is the bridegroom of a new couple after marriage. It is another idea that helps to inspire and making the old house more livable. Especially the selection of home decor materials to meet the needs for added security and select various devices to respond to the maximum usage in a tangible budget. Like the renovation of the master bedroom with a bathroom of 28 square meters after this use only 107,070 baht or 3,824 baht per square meter. The price does not include furniture and electric appliances.

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