House in the style of a 2-story townhome size 55 sq.m. with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, which is enough to live for 4 people but the area still does not meet the needs of living. Therefore, this house became a ready-to-live house where people were not yet ready. They have to rely on makeover to add more functions to be ready. But how difficult is this job? Let’s follow HomeGuru and take a look.


Add to Fulfill

From the survey of this townhome, the Home Makeover team found that the area in front of the house for parking 23 square meters has no roof and the area in this area is rough polished cement. There is not enough space in the kitchen in the house for the owner. And there is no space for washing in proportional, so what will fill the function for this house is the addition of the roof of the garage. The addition of a 17 sq.m. Thai kitchen and the addition of a 5.32 sq.m. washing area, with caution that this area often has various systems of the house is under the ground. Before adding, it must be considered factors such as avoiding the location of the septic tank opening or underground water storage tanks.


Add the garage to the house

After surveying the area, the makeover team immediately arranged to prepare the area to make the garage roof. Beginning with the process of building a metal roof by placing the plate at the top of the pole. Install the 4-inch box steel frame placed on 4 corners and then tiling later to cover the iron plate. The tiles used are rough floor tiles with anti-slip values of R10 or higher, laid out so that the tiles do not stick to the house to prevent subsidence. But can be sprinkled with stones or gravel in the spaced grooves instead. After that, the top roof frame will use 2 * 4-inch box steel and 1 * 2-inch beam, which the overall picture of this roof frame. The Makeover team has designed Modern Colonial style to match the rest of the house structure, like the fence around the house by spraying the white steel frame as well. And then roofing with polycarbonate sheets followed by the installation of electric systems.

Another thing to keep in mind when making a garage roof is that the roof frame should not be attached to the house. But should leave some space to prevent problems of pulling the house structure.

Home Makeover

The addition of a Thai kitchen behind the house

For the back of the house that needs to be renovated into a Thai kitchen. The makeover team cleared the area by removing the old cement floor. After that, pile down the carpet. Pour the ground to level the ground. Lay the plastic sheet to prevent moisture / Lay Wire Mesh or steel floor. After that, poured concrete for about 3 days, then began to build the steel structure to receive the roof. But after surveying, Makeover team found that this house has beam sticking out from the house causing not being able to climb the long steel frame, making it impossible to build a long steel frame. Therefore, it must be adjusted by Drop Ace down and then raise the rafters beyond the original beam of the house. The structure of the roof extension will be under the original slab roof of the house to help prevent water leakage when raining too. And should not leave the structure on the shared fence used with neighbors because it’s an illegal addition.

After the roof structure work has been completed, the next step is the roof. Each roof has its advantages and disadvantages to choose from as follows:


  • Double roof tile: The advantage is easy to find. The disadvantage is that it is easily broken because it is a non-return material.
  • Metal sheet roof: The advantage is durable, lightweight, but at the same time there are disadvantages with heat and loud noises when it rains.
  • Vinyl roof (UPVC): The advantage is good heat insulation, light weight, can help absorb sound. But the disadvantage is the price is quite high when compared to other roofing materials.

For this house, The Makeover team has chosen to use vinyl materials. Because it can be cut to the desired size and with almost no seams at all and once the roof has been completed, rain gutters must be installed not to affect neighbors as well.

Home Makeover

In the kitchen, wall that has been added, the makeover team has chosen to use lightweight bricks for wall construction. In order to lose weight for the house structure within the wall there are ligament pillars along the steel beam to increase strength. After the plastering was done, the water and electricity systems were arranged to prepare for the use of various equipment, which can be done in parallel with the system. It is the tiles that must be considered in the correct use between the floor tiles and wall tiles because bringing the wall tiles to the floor will have problems with the weight.

Patterned tiling, notice the arrow symbol behind the tile. Lay the tile in the same direction as the arrow indicated to obtain continuous, beautiful tile patterns.

Home Makeover

For the correct cement making method, start by using lightweight bricks as legs. Built by inserting steel from the floor and wall to secure the brick to prevent cracking. Then bind the steel into the form. Top the kitchen with concrete. Then collect the top surface of the kitchen and then attach the cabinet door as the next step. The kitchen set from the wall is 60 cm. and the cabinet is approximately 40 cm. for easy ergonomic use. Ceiling and ceiling lighting storage, the doorway between the extension and the outside area of the house. The Makeover team chose to use sliding house doors with aluminum door frames for strength and durability as well as attaching wrought iron to increase security for the home and attaching an exhaust fan at the top of the sliding door for ventilation.

Add the wash part in proportion

For areas that need to be added to the wash area. The makeover team has surveyed various system work areas to close the brass lid, various manhole and prepare the location for the water tank, water pump and plumbing system. By selecting the location from the connection point of the home water system. The floor level in the wash section will be below the level of the kitchen floor that needs to be added by 5 cm. to prevent water from flowing into the kitchen during the rain.

Just this, the house is ready to live with people who are not ready, it becomes a house that responds to the lifestyle of the beautiful life, both design and complete all the functions. And for those who have problems with home adjustment, they can walk in to consult with the Home Service team counter at HomePro at all branches or contact via the Home Service by Home Pro application and Call Center 1284 for 24 hours.

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