Washing machine not spinning is one of the common difficulties that can arise after using a washing machine for a long time. It can happen in both top-loading and front-loading washers for a variety of causes. Nowadays, washing machines are available in a wide range of functionality, price, brand, and kind, depending on the needs of the user. Once you’ve found a washing machine that meets your needs, it’s critical to maintain it after each usage to ensure that it lasts as long as possible. There were no issues while using it. All of these issues, such as a dryer not spinning, a loud washing machine, and a musty odor in the washing machine, can be avoided and resolved. However, today, HomeGuru would like to discuss one of the issues with dryer not spinning or draining water, which is a problem that many households should face. Let’s talk about what’s causing the situation so that everyone is informed. Let’s get out of here.

What is the cause of washing machine not spinning?

Washing machine

A top loading washing machine or a washing machine with a top loading lid might cause the washing machine not spinning for a variety of reasons. The dishwashing system rotates vertically, there are programs to pick from, it’s simple to operate, and it’s convenient. It can wash a large amount of clothing in less time than a top-loading washing machine, but it consumes the same amount of water and electricity each wash as a front-loading washer.

A front-loading washing machine is one that has a lid on the front of it. The dish system rotates horizontally, and one machine completes both the washing and drying operations. There are many different washing programs to pick from, which are ideal for families who live in small spaces such as condominiums. However, it costs more than a top-loading washing machine and can only handle smaller loads of clothes.

The dryer stopped working issue can occur in both types of washing machines for a variety of reasons. As a result, the inside of the washing machine must be inspected for any anomalies as follows:


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1. The washing machine’s cover isn’t entirely closed.

Washing machine not spinning

This is the main reason that housewives and butlers can check if the washing machine is entirely closed or not. The washing machine will display a sign if the lid does not close entirely, indicating that there is a problem with the lid or the tank lid is not closed. As a result, the washing machine does not drain water or spin. 

Alternatively, inspect the sensor area of the washing machine lid to determine whether it has been damaged. If the switch does not work, it is possible that the switch on the tank lid is damaged and needs to be changed manually. However, if you don’t have any experience, it’s best to consult or hire a qualified technician to be safe and avoid complications after the repair.

2. There are too many clothing being washed or dried.

Washing machine not spinning

When the dryer not spinning, it’s often because the housewives are putting too many of the clothing that need to be dried. It’s important to calculate how much clothing needs to be spun dry. Alternatively, separate the spins for the shirt and the pants to avoid the dryer stopped working and to save the clothes.

3. The drain pump is damaged or clogged.


The major cause of a washing machine not spinning or not draining water is a damaged or blocked drain pump or motor. The washing machine’s motor drain is a necessary component. It is the portion of the washing machine that allows water to drain out, and it is used in all of the washing machine’s processes, including washing, rinsing, and spinning.

Three operating pipes can be found inside the washing machine. The gray pipe, or drain pipe, the red pipe, or hot water pipe, and the blue pipe, or cold-water pipe, are all located in the back. Check to see if the gray drain pipe is still in good condition, not bent or damaged; if it is, replace it to let the water drain more efficiently. However, in the case of the gray drain hose, no damage may be caused by dirt clogging the pump and pipe, such as textile dust, buttons, or small rags. Which must attempt to remove the hose for cleaning, but be cautious not to allow water to flow out of the hose or the water pump by securing the hose with a hose clamp at the location where the washing machine is connected.

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In addition to the dryer stopped working, the washing machine may suffer a variety of issues, including noise when spinning and water leakage from the water inlet joint. Each problem, including the problem of a broken washing machine, has a distinct solution.

While the washing machine is spinning, there is a loud noise. This is a typical issue, and it’s usually caused by imbalanced laundry placement in the drum. Before spinning, make sure the laundry is properly positioned in the spin drum or that the washing machine is in the proper location and that there are no other things in the way.

How to avoid washing machine not spinning problem.

The washing machine is used on average every 1-2 weeks in each home. Which is generally a heavy use that takes a long time to complete. As a result, maintenance is essential to extend its service life and avoid difficulties, particularly the dryer not spinning issue.

1. Clean the drum and filter on a regular basis.


Cleaning the filter will improve the washing machine’s water drainage efficiency. Because it removes the build-up that causes blockage around the drain pipe, such as hair and buttons. Also, to aid the greasy quantity of detergent, fabric softener, and various dirt stains, the drum should be washed once every 1-2 months. Drum cleaning can be done manually in any home by selecting the appropriate washing program for each model of washing machine.

2. The amount of clothes laundered each time should not be excessive.

The size or capacity of the washing machine drum should be proportional to the number of clothing to be washed. Because washing too many clothes might soon ruin the washing machine. However, if washing separately is inevitable, it is recommended not to use the washing machine more than twice a day because the washing machine may work too hard.

Washing machine not spinning is another problem that every home can notice and fix on their own if the cause of the dryer not spinning problem is known, as stated by HomeGuru above. If you don’t have the expertise, you should consult an expert technician to fix the problem, but you shouldn’t let the problem go on forever. Because most of the time, if the washing machine is damaged, it will take a long time and be quite expensive to repair. It’s often necessary to weigh the costs of repairing versus purchasing a new washing machine to determine which is the most cost-effective option.

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