Washing Machine, cloth dryer machine or washing machines separate from cloth dryer machine? Which type will be more cost effective, longer and more efficient? Still a question that many people are wondering and need an answer. Because there is no denying that the tumble dryer has become one of the more popular electrical appliances and is likely to become an electrical appliance that every home must have in the future. HomeGuru will look deep into both the advantages and limitations of all three types of electrical appliances for everyone to try and compare.

Washing machines, single machine type, ending with separate washing and tumble dryer, which one is better?


Get to know the washing machine

If divided by behavior, it can be divided into 2 major categories, which are semi-automatic washing machines and automatic washing machines.


Semi-automatic washing machine

Semi-automatic washing machine or many people are known as a 2-cylinder washing machine. It is a washing machine that separates the operation system between washing and shedding of water. In which the washing part, during operation, water and detergent will be added or laundry detergent. The machine will pump water into the tub and suck water out of the bottom of the tank when washing is finished. From then, machine will be required to move the laundry from the tub to the bath to shake off the water or spin. In most cases, this type is usually cheaper than an automatic uniform.

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Automatic washing machine

Automatic washing machine is a washing machine that can do both washing and spinning in one machine Which is divided into 2 sub-categories according to internal working characteristics and according to the appearance that is top loading washing machine (Top Loading or Vertical Axis Clothe Washer) and front loading washing machine or side loading (Front Loading or Horizontal Axis Clothe Washer) which has different functions as follows:


Top loading washing machine

Top loading washing machine is an automatic washing machine that can do everything in one bucket, including washing, and shake off water where the tub is placed vertically. Work by turning it for a while then stopping. Before turning in the opposite direction, alternating causing centrifugal force within the tank and causing bumps between the fabric and water containing detergent or liquid detergent which is a working principle that requires a higher power motor than other washing machines.


The washing system of this type of washing machine usually has a short washing time of 15-30 minutes, therefore, it is convenient and fast. However, some models may increase the time for soaking clothes that may take about 1 hour to wash overall, but it helps to wash clothes more clean. Some models that have developed a whirlpool system in the tank, it will help reduce the problem of tangling clothes when washing.


The tank size of this type of machine can support the weight of the fabric from 3 to 11 kilograms. In models with the large tank, can wash blankets or duvets. There is also a program to adjust the water level to suit the amount of laundry that you want to wash. But in each washing it is necessary to adjust the flood level to the laundry that is being washed. Therefore, it is a washing machine that requires more water than other types of washing machines.

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The spinning system or shaking the water with a little shake. The first spin will be slow, intermittent, which will squeeze 50-60% water and then increase the spin cycle to speed up the rest of the water. Overall, the advantage of this type of washing machine is that it can add water. Easily load or remove laundry from the machine during washing. It is also lighter than other washing machines, so it can be easily moved as well.


Front loading washing machine

Front loading washing machine is an automatic washing machine that has the function of similar to a top loading machine that can wash clothes, wash water and shake off water or spin inside one machine as well. The difference is that the laundry tub has 2 floors installed horizontally. In which the outer tank is held in place for storing water. The inner tank for fabric is a tank that revolves around the horizontal axis. Work by centrifuge the tank vertically,

when the machine rotates, the fabric in the drum will be thrown upward and soaked in water containing detergent or liquid detergent throughout the wash period.


Therefore, you do not need to use a high power motor and does not require a large amount of water to wash until the tank is full. But it will use only 1/3 of the tank size. Allowing to reduce the use of detergent or laundry detergent as well with the addition of detergent or liquid detergent mixed with water that is injected into the machine at the water feeding rhythm and has a bath mat system that allows the detergent or laundry detergent to penetrate the fabric thoroughly. It helps to wash clothes more clean.


There is also a balancing control system that will distribute the clothes around balanced tank not tangle between spinning. Some models also have washing programs according to the type of fabric, such as synthetic fabrics, wool, thin fabrics, cotton, etc. The program determines the washing time that is appropriate for the fabric. Including setting the spin speed and temperature. Therefore, helping to preserve the fabric and also save electricity in the body.

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Frontloading washing machines, usually used in households, have a capacity of about 5 – 7 kilograms of fabric, use about 40 – 80 liters of water depending on the model and size of the machine. The advantage is that it can save water more than other types of washing machines. 30 – 50% but will take a long time to wash at least 45 minutes to 2 hours. The weight of the machine compared to other uniforms will be heavy. Because the device will have a balancing weight device on the top to reduce swinging and reduce loud noises while in use.


Get to know the cloth dryer machine

If divided by behavior, it can be divided into 3 major categories, that is, conventional dryers (Conventional Electric Clothe Dryer), Heat-Pump Clothe Dryer and Microwave Clothe Dryer, each with different heating principles.

General tumble dryer

It is a machine that is popular and has been used for a long time Works by heating wires as a heat source. This type of dryer is equipped with a thermostat that controls the temperature of hot air. With a humidity level controller installed. The tank is insulated to prevent heat loss from the machine and able to recycle heat. If a heat exchanger is installed that cools the air from the outside, some of the heat is transferred from the waste heat. Overall, it is a dryer that is quite energy-efficient and save a lot of electricity compared to other uniforms.


Heat pump dryer

It is a machine that is popularly used in foreign countries especially in European countries. Work by using a system that installs a heat pump (Heat Pump). The air that flows out from the drying is very humid. The flow through the heat exchanger will cause the heat to be absorbed and transfer to fix the refrigerant. Then will be passed to the condensation coil. The resulting air will be dry air that is recycled.

Similar to the cooling system of a refrigerator or air conditioner which the use of this type of dryer is often used in the industry or commercial use. Because it is 2 times more expensive than other dryers.


Microwave dryer

It is a machine that uses 2 Magnetron tubes to produce microwave waves like heat waves used in a microwave oven. This wave will shake the water molecules causing the water to become hot enough to become vapor from clothing considered as a dryer that takes a little time and save electricity well.


Choose a washing machine or dryer is better?

As we already known that clothes drying, whether with a washing machine or using separate washing machines and dryers that both have the same result: saving time in care of clothes, providing a fragrant, fluffy fragrance that cannot be dried, reducing dust and lint. Since there is no need to dry clothes in the open air and also helps to kill germs via heat treatment in the body. However, each type of dryer has different advantages and limitations as follows:


Choose a washing machine when …

  • When it is necessary to use the dryer regularly as it will save time when moving the tub between the washing machine and dryer.
  • When most use is washing clothes often. But not a small amount of washing because the body capacity is smaller when compared to washing machines and separate dryers.
  • When there are restrictions on housing, such as not having enough space to place the washing machine and dryer separately or there is no area to dry clothes in the sun.
  • When having a limited budget because the washing machine will be cheaper than the washing machine and dryer separately.
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Choose a separate dryer when…

  • When it is necessary to wash or dry clothes frequently urgently. Because the selection of both the tumble dryer and it will be able to use both devices at the same time. It helps to reduce working time even more.
  • When working heavily because of the use of separate machines, that is, using different motors Internal systems do not have to work very hard. Makes the machine’s lifespan longer than using the washing machine.
  • When there is enough space to place both washing machines and dryers.
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Washing machine single device or use the dryer separately?

From the advantages of the internal system of the machine and durability due to various applications. It can be seen that using a separate washing machine and dryer is more reasonable than choosing washing machine. However, it depends on various factors that HomeGuru mentioned above as well.


Therefore, choosing a tattoo machine must consider the necessity and suitability of each house. Everyone can use all this information to make a decision.

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