The water heater low pressure; it is a classic problem that many homes often face. No matter how you fix the problem, it doesn’t cause the water to flow very strongly. But before you go to the technician to check the symptoms, the water heater low flow rate, HomeGuru asks you to consider the cause and find a preliminary solution to fix the problem. Because sometimes the problem is so tiny that it can be easily fixed, it doesn’t always need a technician to help.


The problem of low water flow rate when using a water heater is frequent, so HomeGuru will take you to solve the problem and handle it easily, like an expert.

1. Water heater low pressure due to scale in heating system
2. Dirt clogged in water pipe
3. Electric water heater malfunction
4. Water pressure is too weak
5. Multi filter in showerhead
6. Boiler is leaking water
7. Silicone rubber ring is too small, making the water heater low pressure
8. Improper home power supply
9. 4 steps to solve water heater low pressure


Water heater low pressure due to scale in heating system

The most common cause of slow, weak water flow even with sufficient water pressure is scale build-up in the heating system. Especially houses with a poor water filtration system or not clean enough to cause various impurities hidden in the water used. As it accumulates, it causes scale in the heating system.

Therefore, the water is considered very important because it reduces the water heater low flow rate problem. Some homes may use a water filter to filter tap water or groundwater before releasing it into the bile duct system.

Dirt clogged in water pipe

Another problem that makes the water heater low pressure is the clogging of various dirt, especially the house that uses water from unclean sources. When using dirty water continuously will affect low water flow. It may also damage the heating system of the water heater. Most of the dirt that clogs up is “limestone,” which is left for a long time; the more it accumulates until the problem becomes more widespread, such as the water heater’s life is reduced.


Electric water heater malfunction

Any home that has been using a water heater for a long time will encounter a water heater low flow rate, which is often caused by deterioration or breakdown of the heating system. If it is caused by this cause, it should not be repaired or fixed by yourself. It is better to have the expertise of a technician to look at it. But if it is not above the shoulder strength, you may choose to change the water heater at all because nowadays the water heater is relatively cheap and can be easily purchased in general department stores.

Water pressure is too weak

Another problem that causes the water to flow slowly or too lightly is that the water pressure is insufficient to meet the needs, especially for more than 2 floors or more townhomes. The warm water is uneven and slower than it should be. Therefore, the most effective way to solve the water heater low flow rate is to install a water pump that allows the water to flow strongly throughout the system.


Multi filter in showerhead

Today, many shower models are manufactured and designed to be more health-friendly. In particular, adding a multi-layer water filtration system than before. Whether it’s a stream regulator or even a dust cover that will help get rid of various impurities to better water quality. But at the same time, it may result in low water pressure in the shower.

Therefore, it is vital to choose a shower with enough features to use and look at other additional functions. Alternatively, you can select a shower with a unique design that increases water pressure while in use.

Boiler is leaking water

Another cause of slow water heater pots is leakage, especially for cheap water heaters, which use bad or low-grade plastic. Therefore, when used for a while, there will often be a leak resulting in insufficient water pressure. It is the cause of the water heater low flow rate.

Therefore, HomeGuru recommends that you purchase a water heater that uses high-quality plastic to withstand heat well. The key is durability, not too easy to leak; it may be purchased by looking at the warranty duration.

Silicone rubber ring is too small, making the water heater low pressure

It is not only leakage or problems from various stimuli that result in slow or weak water flow. But another cause is the perforated rubber ring that is usually a device for preventing water leakage. Which will be installed at the joint In some cases, the perforated rubber ring is too small, resulting in reduced water flow efficiency.

The way to deal with or fix the problem in this section is to remove the connector cable. Then check to see if the rubber ring hole is too small or not. If yes, then resize it to be larger and broader than the original one.


Improper home power supply

Although water heaters are readily available equipment and appliances these days, before you buy one, you should understand the operation and wattage of the water heater first. This will allow you to know whether the electricity meter of the house that you are using can support the voltage of that model of the water heater or not. If the electricity in the home is not enough, it may cause a power outage, a power outage. Including the operation of the water heater that is not effective until it makes you feel that the water heater low flow rate as it should be.

The meter and the water heater that you should select to suit each other are:

  • If the electricity meter at home is a meter size 5 (15) A, it is recommended to choose a water heater that does not exceed 3,500 watts.
  • If it is a meter size 15 (45) A, selecting a water heater that does not exceed 4,500 – 6000 watts is recommended.

However, keep in mind that the higher the watt unit, the more electricity you consume. Therefore, choose a water heater appropriate for your home, such as the central and southern regions. You can use 3,500 watts because the temperature is usually not very cold, even in the winter or rainy.

In addition, if it is a house in the North and the Northeast, you can use a water heater with a power of 4,500 – 6,000 watts. Because in winter or even in the rainy season there will be low temperature. But do not forget to check the size of the electricity meter you are using because otherwise, you may encounter problems with insufficient power.


4 steps to solve water heater low pressure

For handling and troubleshooting, the water heater low flow rate. If there is not a problem with system work or problem with insufficient power. This can be corrected by cleaning the filter, especially when the dirt is clogged or scale builds up. The cleaning method is as follows.

1. Remove pressure control valve

First, use your hand to turn the water inlet of the water heater, the area where the pressure valve is used to push the water out. Once removed, inspect all parts, especially the rubber ball that must be put back in place after a complete cleaning.

2. Remove the filter properly.

Every water heater has a filter for debris and dirt that comes in the water before entering the unit. The filter will look like a mosquito net. Therefore, at this stage, the filter must be taken out to clean and remove any impurities to make the water flow more efficiently and more powerfully.

3. Clean up thoroughly.

When you notice that there is gravel or dirt in the waterway. Have the filter appropriately cleaned; you can also use an old toothbrush to scrub away as much dirt as possible.

4. Put the filter back in

Before putting the filter back in, turning on the water to wash the pipe’s dirt thoroughly is recommended. After that, put the filter back in and turning on the water to check if the water is getting stronger. If the water is still not strong, other causes may be considered, whether it is installing the water pump, checking the voltage, or even checking the heating system that it may damage or not.

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It’s all over for getting to know the problem that causes the water heater low pressure along with simple solutions from HomeGuru that you can do yourself. And of course, if you are facing problems with the water heater low flow rate or want to change the water heater. It is advisable to consult the Homepro team because, in addition to getting good information back, we also have a variety of products to choose from within the budget you can choose.

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