A classic problem, which is considered a major problem in many homes. That is the issue of “Water Leak on Window Sill”, especially around the window sill that often becomes a chronic problem to the structural level. Especially during the rainy season where the rain water directly enters the window area causing the leakage of water, resulting in mold on the furniture, subsidence of the wall including being dangerous to life if the leak is near the power plug, etc. If the homeowners let the water leak, the window sill continues. Do not rush to fix the water leak right way. Of course, in the future, there will be a high cost of renovating.

Therefore, don’t wait for the problem to become a big expense. Today, HomeGuru has solutions to this problem in a simple way and how to help solve the problem of water leakage window sills yourself.

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What causes water leakage on window sills?

1. Installation of defective aluminum windows, not perpendicular or not at an angle of 45 degrees

Defective installation causes junctions not attached to the window. When heavy rain occurs and splashes into the window. It will cause rainwater to flow to the window sill and seep into the seam that is not easily attached.


2. Materials used for installation and continue to deteriorate

Let the installation material and the end of the clog usage life or choose the wrong type of silicone which can cause it to slip into small spaces or in some houses that are tightly screwed or too loose, causing the aluminum edges to not be tightly attached rainwater can then creep into the house.


3. The vents of the aluminum windows are clogged

Clogged drains can be caused by dust or various sediments, causing water-logging flows into the house which damage furniture, wallpapers and wooden floor in the house.


4. The windows and walls are oblique

The oblique cracks of the wall around the window edge will cause leakage between the junction of the frame and the cement wall, allowing water from the outside to seep into the cracks area. Resulting in the swelling in the interior wall of the room and the color fading.


How to fix Water leakage on window sill?

1. Drain the water with silicone or grout

It Is a solution to many problems of many home which you can do it by yourself. At first, it must be noted that leaks occur from the inside or outside the building. If the leak is on the exterior wall of the house, you should choose silicone type polyurethane because of high flexibility, heat resistance, sunlight protection, and mold and can be painted over. But if you are using general silicone, it will not be able to paint over the silicone for leaks around the window sill. You should choose acidic. Despite the foul smell but has properties that dry quickly and works well.



Things to know before stop leaking water with silicone

1. Before filling silicone, clean the surface of the area where the leak is not dusty first with a damp sponge. If the above points used to have the old silicone fillings already. You should scrape away the old silicone to be completely depleted. But if the leak is too small, the leak should be enlarged to allow easier firing of silicone.
2. Use Adhesive tape and attach to the side of the leaks as a barrier to prevent the silicone that will be sloppy if shoot to other parts.


3. The silicone shot should be shoot tightly to prevent slipping. You can use your finger to press the silicone into the leak to tighten it. But you should wear protective gloves while shooting silicone.
4. After that, let the silicone dry. Generally, it takes about 24 hours or 1 day to help seal the leak, preventing water from leaking into the window.

2. Drill water drainage holes around the window sill,

can drill drainage holes, expanding holes in the fall protection area and the bottom of the window rail or clean all the dust and sediment that has been clogged up in the hole to help the water flow, the overflowing water can be more easily discharged.



3. Install awning around the window

The installation of a canopy is a solution to prevent rainwater pouring directly into the window. But you should consider the weight and forms of awnings to prevent house structure problems that must support the weight. You have to install a permanent awning which made of steel, aluminum material, vinyl, poly carbonate and fiberglass or lightweight temporary awnings such as bamboo blinds. According to each house conveniently and beauty or choose change window sash by choosing materials that are standard and weather resistant in order to solve problems in long term.


After fixing the problem according to the above suggestions. Don’t forget to test the leak of the window sills by injecting water at a pressure of about 100 Bar to the edge of the glass and panes of the window, acrylic and glass for about 15 minutes by spraying water in the same direction as the rain splashed into the window and check if the water is still leaking or not. The test point should be glass edge and frame boundary between frame and frame. The boundary between the frame and the cement slit and the drainage holes fix Mullion and Coupling joints.



Important things to solve problems at home especially chronic problems such as water leakage on window sill. Homeowners should know the cause of the to correct and prevent the problem by yourself at the beginning. But if already fixed, such problems still cause annoyance for residents.


HomeGuru recommends you to try o find a specialist to help you adjust. And fix the problem of water leakage on the window sill.

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