If you search for “water flows light” on Pantip website, we will find up to 538 headings. Among these, there were people who had to take longer to wash the bubbles while bathing. Because the water from the shower ran less and less until it stopped flowing stubbornly which usually happens with bathrooms on the second floor or it occurs when people in the house turn on the water at the same time.

This situation is not a small matter especially during rush hours that require water before leaving the house or using a device that requires water pressure. But this problem can be ended by installing a good water pump to help increase pressure and distribute water usage evenly. This content “HomeGuru” has a full selection of water pumps to share with you, from preparation before installation in order to meet the maximum usage. Regardless of how many water points are opened at the same time, the water is equally strong.

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2 things to prepare before installing the water pump

Prepare the space before installation

Preparing the area and determining the appropriate installation point is one of the first factors that can’t be overlooked because it contributes to the pump to work well and prolong the service life. Usually choose to lay at the ground level under the eaves without flooding water pumps are appliances that are heated. Therefore, should not be installed near the wall, must be at least 15 cm away from the wall, to provide a cooling area and can be conveniently serviced. Importantly, do not install water pumps near the bedroom. Because the water pump will work automatically. Water pumps throughout the day. When water is used at any point, the sound and vibrations from the water pump may affect the room.

Water tank is required

The prerequisite for every water pump installation is the water tank to properly install the water pump, always connect the water supply pipe to the water tank first. And then connect the water pump to the water tank. Do not connect the pump directly to the plumbing. In addition to violating the regulations of the MWA No. 26, pulling water from public water pipes for use in one’s own home also causes neighbors to suffer from the reduced amount of water and may damage the internal pipe system inside your home too.

For the size of the water tank in the house, must choose a size that is sufficient for the use of people in the house. Based on the average water demand statistics of 200 liters per person for reserving water for 1 day.

The calculation method is to take the number of people x 200 (liters) x the number of days to get the amount of water to be used, for example in a house with 4 members, it is equal to 4 x 200 = 800 liters per day and should be 2-3 days in case of emergency. Water for a family of 4 people should therefore be 1,500-2,500 liters.

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5 important features in buying a water pump

Choose the right watts for use

Water pumps are available in many brands and models. Each model has different selling points. Some consumers mistakenly think that a good water pump must have a high watt power. High watt power is good but may be better than necessary for a house with a low water consumption point. Before making a purchase decision, must study the characteristics of the water pump to be suitable for use as the main. By considering the amount of usage per day, how many water points in the house are there? Both indoors and outdoors, opportunities and moments spent simultaneously combined with the height of the building and then take data to compile and select pump size which has easier formulas to choose from as the picture below.

important features in buying a water pump

Automatic water pressure adjustment function

There are 2 main types of automatic water pumps: pump, pressure tank type and a constant pressure pump. Both have different advantages and disadvantages as follows:

Pressure cylinders (cylindrical) pumps use the principle of allowing water to replace air, which use the pressure of the air in the pump to push water to different parts of the building. The advantage is durable, cheap, easy to find parts, but there are disadvantages in providing uneven water pressure. When turned on at the same time, the strength of each water point may not be the same. The water pump shuts down frequently, so you must always check the air and release the water.

Constant pressure pump or inverter (square shape). If the budget to buy a water pump is enough. Recommend a constant pressure water pump which will have a beautiful modern exterior providing consistent water pressure. Suitable for homes with multiple water use points and devices that require constant water pressure such as washing machines, water heaters, and rain showers. The advantages of this type of pump are sound is light and has a compact size, saving electricity, but it comes with a higher price.

And if you can increase the budget a little higher, high specification constant pressure water pump will have a smart water pump control function able to automatically check the changing water pressure system. When the water pressure decreases, the water pressure can be set up by itself. Some models can set the system pressure as needed and can adjust the motor cycle according to the actual water consumption. Paying a little more expensive, but rest assured that every point of use will provide consistent force even if enabled at the same time.

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Do not overlook the material of the pump body

Water pumps are devices that are usually installed at the ground level, often affected by sunlight, wind and rain. If the tank is made of poor quality materials, it will easily corrode and cause the tank to leak along the seam. Don’t forget to look for models that the body is made of durable materials. No rust or seamless design, to prevent seam leakage. This should be a water pump that has good cooling properties to extend the life of the motor In some models, there will be cooling fans in the machine. But some models of automatic water pumps have designed water cooling or using permanent magnet motors. Therefore, no need to have a cooling fan.

There should be a system for checking for water abnormalities

A good water pump should be certified with the TIS logo, including technology to detect abnormalities and automatic shutdowns, such as preventing overpressure from plumbing pipes that send excess water. Sensors for dry-running protection and leak protection if the water valve is not closed completely. The water pump will alert the front of the machine. With automatic shutdown in order to protect the safety and let users know that there is a leak.

The pump is quiet, comfortable to sleep, not startle at night

The general water pump will be noisy every time the water is turned on. The noise level is 50-60 decibels, which is not harmful to physical health. But may interfere with the mental health of people in the house and neighbors suggest to look for an automatic water pump system inverter, which aside from saving electricity costs. Operation is still quiet Some models have equal sound levels. With what we talk about, normally about 45 decibels, helps to reduce noise pollution quite a lot.

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For readers who are looking for water pumps to use. Try to buy according to the features that the Home Guru has introduced in this article. You will get a standard water pump, reducing problems that may occur later. And whether people in the house are showering, washing dishes, washing cars at the same time, the water is still flowing well without falling. We guarantee that the pleasure of using water will double more.

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