Water Pumping Problems , this is another problem that can be distracting at home. In addition to creating trouble, it is also a problem that cannot be left for a long time. Must be resolved immediately because the small point problem may expand to become a bigger problem and when suddenly the whole house was unable to use the water suddenly It is probably not that much fun.

But do not worry, because HomeGuru has compiled a variety of Water Pumping Problems and basic solutions to deposit through this article.


What is the problem with Water Pumping Problems ?

The simple answer to this question is how hard the pump works or work beyond the limits that the water pump will accept Because activating the water pump for too long will cause the pump motor to become hot and may damage the motor itself. Including the installation of water pumps and peripheral devices incorrectly, foreign objects mixed into the water pump system, connection to unstable electrical equipment or even deterioration with lifespan.


In addition, the cause may be due to the water pump circuit board being damaged because of external factors that can occur, such as power outages, electric shocks, surges, etc. All of these factors directly affect the water pump operation causing damage to the water pump.


The problem of extremely hot water pump

It is a problem that can occur for a variety of reasons Both the water pump works without water. Or the amount of water is too small, there is steam or air cavity in the pump, the water pump twisting due to the leverage of the pipes or accessories, the internal rotor rotates against each other, some parts are damaged such as bearings, lubrication systems, bearings, rings wear, etc., or in the case of more than one water pump working together, one of the pumps may be malfunctioning.


When a problem occurs, hot water pump or have a burnt smell. First, immediately disable the water pump to prevent motor burns. Then may open the cover to help ventilate heat.

But do not let it cool by injecting water at the water pump because it may cause a short circuit. When waiting until the pump cools down, then try to turn on the water. The water pump may return to work normally. But in case the pump does not work. Suggest to check that the parts are damaged and need to change some. By beginning by examining the capacitors also known as condenser that there is a blister or have signs of an explosion? If there is a problem from this point, the spare parts must be replaced. By choosing to use the spare parts that match the same model as before.



But if the problem is not at the capacitor. The next point to check is the motor part. By having a flat-head screwdriver screwed at the end of the motor. If rotated without movement, it can be assumed that the motor may have been burned. In this case, have to consider whether changing a new motor or buying a new water pump will be more worthwhile.


The water pump is not strong

It Is a common pump problem and can be caused by many reasons. The initial solution requires observation and inspection in order to find the correct solution to the problem. The reasons that cause the problem is that the pump is not strong often. There is air or air entering the pump system. Instead of only the water being sent out will become gotten out with half. Resulting in the water flowing out not as strong as it should be but can solve the problem by opening the water filter on the pump. And then expel the air by filling the water with full. Only this, the water pump will return to work as normal.


The next most common reason for Water Pumping Problems is foreign matter in the water supply system. This may be caused by the neglect of cleanliness of the reserve tank that is used together with the water pump. Causing the inside of the tank to become contaminated with dirt with sediment and algae accumulating or may be caused by sources of water that do not pass a good filter system causing impurities to interrupt the water flow in the system until the water flow problems are not strong. The easy solution is to inspect and remove parts that are foreign objects to come out and clean. The water will flow normally.


Another possible reason is that the blades create loose gravity. Which is often found with water pumps that have been used for a long time or have been repaired, then there is a problem of not holding the propeller tightly according to standards causing looseness when used for a while Resulting in not being able to create gravity and send water at full power. The important thing is that if left for a long time without repairing, it will affect the motor set accordingly.

To fix the water pump, in this case, remove the impeller to secure it back again. But if removed and found that the rotor is in a very worn-out state should change to a new propeller.

ปั๊มน้ำทำงาน แต่น้ำไม่ไหล

The problem of water pump running all the time

The water pump works all the time. Even without a user Is a problem that occurs frequently. In addition to increasing the rate of water usage wasted Leaving it can cause the motor of the water pump to burn because the water in the tank is empty and became a major problem. Must fix as soon as possible. If this type of pump is found, it can be assumed that there is a leak in the water system in the house or it may be leaking from the equipment of the pump itself, such as the internal seal is broken or the caries pressure tank etc.

ปั๊มน้ำทำงาน แต่น้ำไม่ไหล

The solution is to find the leak to find. If the water pump is in normal condition. Recommend to look at the bile pipe for leakage or not especially in the joints. If the pipe is embedded in the wall, it may be necessary to observe how the house walls are seeped or swollen house paint, peeling or not. If the water marks under the wall appear as long marks, then it can be assumed that the pipes in the wall leak.

But if it is a pipe above the ceiling, notice the water droplets or a large amount of water stain If checking the pipes and not finding any leaks. Try to check the water supply points, sanitary ware, faucets, showers, spray lines, pipes and valves. Once found, repair the leak to allow the water pump to function normally.



The problem is that the water pump works but the water is not flowing

Sometimes, the problem with the water pump is that the water pump is working but the water does not flow even though the water reserve tank is installed. This problem can occur from many factors and the method of solving differs depending on each factor. The most common cause is due to the size of the water pump motor is too small. Resulting in insufficient suction and delivery power to meet the pressure and volume requirements we require. In this case, it is necessary to change the size of the water pump to suit the use of each house.


In the case that the volume of water cast in the tank is not enough pressure It may be another cause of this pump problem as well. Corrections can be made by opening the valve for transferring the casting water inside the pump and then adding new water until overflowing. Then close the valve to restore the original position. Then turn on the machine again.


ปั๊มน้ำทำงาน แต่น้ำไม่ไหล

Another reason that can occur is that the system in the water pipe system is clogged so that the water does not flow easily. The easy solution is to clean the pipe system by removing and cleaning again. If unable to find the point of obstruction or the blockage point is in an inaccessible position. Then you need to change to a new waterway.


How to prevent Water Pumping Problems

Although finding the cause and method of fixing the pump problem is important. But still considered as a solution to the end of the incident. The thing that really needs to be taken care of is to prevent the problem from occurring in the first place in a simple way. Just keep checking for no leaks or damage to the sanitary ware to cause the water to flow all the time. And don’t forget to close the water every time after use in order to prevent the motor pump from working too hard to burn.



And in case of a Water Pumping Problems due to deterioration over the lifetime of the parts until the supply is out of stock, HomeGuru would like to leave that the solution in such cases may rely on skilled technicians.

Or those who understand electrical work for safety and not causing damage to the water pump more than ever.

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