Assorted problems of water filter that occurred within the house. It is a problem that causes more or less concern and distraction for homeowners. Which makes water filtration systems used to have problems are all related to substandard or lacking quality water supply systems. Today, the technician will solve the answer to the complete home water purifier and introduce the water Solution by HomePro service, especially for HomeGuru readers.


For problems of using tap water Not just solving problems by choosing to buy a water filter to meet the needs. But also “water supply system” that you may not have known before.
1. “Water supply system” is the heart of modern homes
2. Problems with the water system and home water filter
3. Get to know water solution, a great service from HomePro
4. The advantages of having water filter use in your home


“Water supply system” is the heart of modern homes

If you are thinking about the problems of the water supply system that arise in the house. You must admit that this problem is very annoying for homeowners. Both matters of consumption because even though water filter is the best. Then it may not yet be able to fix all the problems you have encountered. So the selection whole house water filters, it is considered to be the best solution and the most relevant solution.

For a good water supply system, it must be a system that ensures quality water. It can be used for drinking and using without any danger to health in the long run. By now, managing the water supply system in a home or residence, many people may choose to use the service of a skilled, knowledgeable technician or perhaps study the information yourself. Then choose the right product. In the end, it may not be a very direct solution to the problem. Because in the future you may have to find solutions to deal with or solve countless other problems. Therefore, having a water supply system that is good and suitable for use in the home. Therefore, it is considered as the heart of the modern home.


Problems with the water system and home water filter

For problems of home water systems, in most cases, this will happen to the entire water system. Including water-related appliances. Today, technician will give examples of problems to look at and you will know that the problem at home you are facing. It is a problem that many people are having as well.

• Each type of water pipe should be used with what equipment and what kind of use is important.
• If you make a new house, what size water pump and tank should I use? To be suitable for the size of the house and able to distribute enough water to meet the needs.
• Replacing the water pump and water tank. In case the house uses more water, what size should be used to be enough? And do not have to come back and change it many times again.
• In case that the house is equipped with a water heater. Then, it appears that the water is not warm or warm too slowly. Even if the water heater has been changed, it is ineffective. What are the causes? So why can these problems occur?
• If you want a water filter for the whole house that can be filtered for both edible and used water. Which type should be chosen to be the best and the most suitable? When filtering the water, it must be clean. The chlorine value and the hardness of the limestone must not exceed the standard, and it is not harmful to the health of the home both the short and long term.


Get to know water solution, a great service from HomePro

If your home is facing the problem of bad water supply or are facing some problems as the technician has explained above. Introducing another solution to the problem that has been ignited with Water Solution by HomePro, developed to tackle the all-encompassing problem of “water systems”, known as the “water system expert.”


The Water Solution is a service point within HomePro’s water supply zone, comprising of 2 main service points:

1. Service by Water Solution

For the Water Solution Service, HomePro’s team will provide advice on the complete water system. Water samples can be checked to measure the standard of the water, whether it is the chlorine in the water. Which must not exceed 0.2 mg / liter and the hardness of limestone that should not exceed 80 mg / l when the standard of water. It will allow us to know where the water system has problems, you should choose to use a water filter system. What kind to get the cleanest water? It does not adversely affect various equipment related to the water system.

In addition, Water Solution’s service includes delivery and installation of various equipment from a professional team as well. And also, you will receive advice, place an order and installation services within one place.

2. Product by Water Solution

Another outstanding feature of the Water Solution service is the availability of a wide variety of water system related products. Support all needs of the user. After receiving advice from experts at the service point, they can accompany you in making decisions about purchasing products such as water heater, water filter, water tank, water pump and etc.

จุดเด่นของ Water Solution :

• Answers to all problems of “water system” in the home.
• Get the right advice from a team of skilled professionals.
• Able to check the quality of the water for free. No additional cost.
• There are a wide variety of products and products to choose from, including Local Brand, Inter Brand and Private Brand.
• You can choose to buy whole house water filters according to the budget.

The advantages of having water filter use in your home

Another highlight of the Water Solution by HomePro service is the selection advice. A suitable whole-house water purifier to help reduce the real problem with your home water system. Because having a good water filtration system. It is not only allowing members of the household to drink and use clean, quality water. But it also affects devices that are connected.

The key is if your home has use water filter system, good and reasonable, will result in countless good results, whether it is

• Help to extend the service life of drinking water purifier more.
• No more frequent filter change problems due to poor quality or unclean water.
• Reduce white stains that occur in the bathroom and on various sanitary ware makes it easy to clean because it is not a deep stain.
• Reduce the occurrence of stains That happened to electrical appliances such as washing machines, makes the laundry cleaner and also did not have a very musty smell.
• Cost savings because there is no need to repair or replace the used product.


Now we are finished with a review of the service from “Water System Specialist” or HomePro’s “Water Solution” service point that the technician brought to each other to provide a guideline for people who have a home and would like to solve various problems related to water systems. This is only part of the list, as HomePro also has countless other home-related products to choose from. Or if anyone wants water purifiers used for the whole house with economical standards, you can go and buy them at any HomePro branch or go to the website to buy the water filter that you want. It only starts in the thousands.

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So how is it? With the advantages and advantages of the service of Water Solution that should meet the needs of people who have new homes Because we can’t really deny that having a water filter is good and there to be a water filter system that is standardized and suitable for that use is an important element to allow members of the house to use clean water safe for health. As for anyone who is looking for whole house water filters. Make sure to go shopping at HomePro according to the advice of the technician and you will definitely get a good product at a great price.

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