Water supply problem is one of the problems that must be faced in almost every home. It may vary somewhat according to each factor. But the most common problems like water is not running, weak water, smelly water, sediment water, or calcified water. Each of them is a problem that can occur for various reasons. Both external factors and factors within the house itself. How to fix it to be as precise as possible, thus finding the root cause first. And then make corrections at that point. Which water supply problem what causes each problem? HomeGuru has the answers.


Water does not flow, the problem is frustrating during rush hours

It is water supply problem that happens frequently especially during times of hurry or when water is needed in daily life. Causing trouble for many people, quite a bit, which the water flow problem can arise for several reasons as follow:

1. The plumbing near the house broke, causing the water supply of the waterworks to have problems, unable to supply water to buildings. The way to check whether the water is not flowing because of this problem or not. Just download the MWA on Mobile App of the Metropolitan Waterworks Authority on the mobile phone to check the information. Check the area where the water is not flowing. Check and conveniently pay the water bills.

2. Plumbing has a long service life until it gets rust with red rusty slag. When these slag is cut off, this can cause the water pipes and sieves to clog. As a result, the water does not flow.

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3. Clogged water supply equipment such as showers or taps that may have dust or sediment on the water filter screen. As a result, the water will not flow. This water supply equipment must be removed and checked and cleaned frequently.

4. The water supply line and water pipe are clogged. Because of the debris, sediment or moss that may accumulate in the pipe wall. Making water unable to flow through. It must be rinsed and attached to a sieve to help filter the sediment.

5. The water meter has a problem. It is another point that many people do not think of. How to check is to try to open the water at the end of the meter to see if the water flow is weak or strong. If the water flows softly, there is a problem with the meter or the pre-entry connector. But if the water flows strongly, it means that the pipe is connected from the meter to the house. It must be fixed by overloading the new water pipe.

6. The members of the house use water at the same time, causing insufficient water pressure at each point especially the house on the upper floor. But this can be solved by installing a water pump with a water tank to help increase the pressure so that the water can be used simultaneously without interruption.

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Open the tap all the way but have to stumble because the water is not strong

Another water supply problem that make you frustrating for many reasons. Both from external factors and internal factors that need to be found in order to solve the problem at the correct point. The problem of weak water may have the following causes:

1. Plumbing pipe water pressure is not strong especially for multi-story houses or houses that may use water pipes as a townhome. When there are many points of water being used at the same time, the water flows, but not strong. The solution is to install a water pump with a water tank to help increase the water pressure.

2. The size of the water pump is not enough for the usage. Even with a water pump installed. But if choosing to use water pump is not suitable for the size of the house. It causes insufficient pressure from the water pump to help the water flow more strongly. The solution is to change the size of the water pump to suit the size of the house and the home use.

3. The water supply like and the water pipe are clogged. Long periods of use without cleaning may cause debris from the water pipes to clog the water supply lines until the water is turned on and the water is not as strong as it should be.

4. The water supply equipment is not designed to increase the pressure of water such as sanitary ware, faucets, especially shower heads. Changing the shower head to a shower with a small outlet hole or a type that specifically increases the water pressure, will help solve the problem of weak water easily and quickly.

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The water has unpleasant smell, do not dare to use

If a house has a water problem with a smell that has to turn away, it may not be possible to take a shower, wash the clothes, wash the dishes with water like this. This problem must be hurry to find the cause. The water supply problem that there is an unpleasant smell that may be caused by the following factors:

1. Pipe dew is one of the reasons that cause an unpleasant odor mixed with the water. Often in the house that has not been used for a long time. The water in the pipes does not circulate and trapped at various points within the formation of dirt, germs and bacteria. When the water is turned on again, the water trapped inside these pipes can flow out with an unpleasant odor.

2. The water pipes are outdoors and exposed to excessive sunlight. It often occurs with houses with floating water pipes to facilitate maintenance and repair. However, exposing the pipes to high sunlight for a long time will cause the water pipes to dissolve gas until dissolves mix with the water inside the pipes. Resulting a problem with smell of water or creating shade to shade the water pipes.

3. Broken water pipes, this usually happens due to the deterioration of the water pipes after long time use. Allowing pathogens, bacteria and other impurities can escape from the outside into the water pipes along the cracks of the pipes. Until it is the source of the unpleasant smell that must be solved by finding the problematic point and repairing or change a new water pipe.


Sediment water supply problem found in almost every home

If the tap is opened, the tap water comes out cloudy, has a red color, or has sediment in the water, looks dirty, not worth using it. You need to quickly find the cause and solution. Because that could mean pathogens that are mixed with water, the sediment problem can be caused by a number of reasons. Both outside and inside the house itself as follow:

1. Repair of pipes from waterworks, in case that there is a problem with the water pipes near the house that needs repair. Even if the water supply is drained at the fire site and disinfected with chlorine. During the operation, there was a high chance that the mud was contaminated with the water, causing the sediment and dirt to be mixed with the water. This can be solved by installing a water filter to help filter the water before being supplied to the equipment in the house on another floor.

2. The water from the tap is a filter system, not a distillation system. The turbidity is not more than 5 NTU from 0-5, therefore, some sediment is present in the water. Usually these sediments will fall inside the water pipes below. But if the pipe is repaired or increase the pressure from the water supply, it may disturb the sediment to float up and flow to various points especially at the end of the water pipe. There, you need to rely on a water filter to help filter the water before supplying the water to another floor.

3. The water pipes in the house are corroded or leaking from long time use. These are all causes of sedimentation of water easily because if the pipes are cracked and leaking, dirt and other pathogens can contaminate the inside of the pipes. Therefore, the water pipes must be checked and repaired regularly. And in the case of a water pipe used as a galvanized steel pipe, it may have a problem that easily corrodes the water pipe or rust clogged until a red stain from rust is a sediment mixed with water. In this case, the water pipes must be replaced immediately.

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4. The water supply equipment in the house is not clean. This is because service life is another common cause of sludge in the water. Whether it is faucets, shower hoses, and other household water dispensers, they should always be cleaned and checked for the equipment to be ready for use.

5. The water tank is not cleaned. It may cause tiny organisms to creep into and grow within. Creating dirt and contamination until the formation of sediment without knowing. The solution is to clean the water tank at least every 6 months and you should cover the water tank completely to prevent dust and insects as well.

6. The water filter is not clean. It is another reason that causes water supply problem such as sediment. Although, the water filter will filter out impurities, but if you use the water filter continuously without removing, cleaning or replacing the filter as scheduled. From the water filter, it becomes a reservoir of germs and impurities that cause sediment in the water.

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Water has a slag, creating endless continuous problems

Slag is water supply problem that does not happen while open water is used directly. But often with various appliances and appliances in the home that use water such as water heater or kettle, etc. The cause of the slag is a variation of the composition in the water. Due to the slag or calcium carbonate is a solid build-up caused by heating elements in plumbing systems. When water with a higher than normal amount of calcium flows through the plumbing, it balances the calcium acid balance or carbonic acid variations. As a result, the slag is contaminated with the water and it settles on the appliances and various water system equipment.

Water problem with slag, if not hurry and leave it for a long time. Slag or limestone formations become thicker and more difficult to remove. Slag that has formed inside the water pipes or other devices, in addition to causing bacteria. There is rust inside the pipe due to corrosion. Also, causing a pipe clogged problem, make water soften. The water pressure has decreased, causing various electric appliances to malfunction. The solution is to use slag remover or use chemicals especially for removing slag.

Although, water supply problem there are many different forms, and many homes may have more than one problem at the same time, but HomeGuru believes that if the root cause can be found, it can be resolved quickly as well.


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