Another trendy component of home decor is waterproof cushions. Currently available in a wide variety of shapes, patterns, and materials that are environmentally friendly. Waterproof cushions not only support family members’ comfort when sitting and resting, but they also meet the requirement for exceptional interior and outside décor and bring charm to even more preferred locations in the house. Waterproof cushions or pillows with waterproof pillowcases are frequently used as decorative items in outdoor spaces. It’s an area exposed to various weather conditions, including sun, wind, and rain. So, today, HomeGuru has a way for you to choose a waterproof cushion, which is an item that provides more than simply comfort to share with everyone home.

How to choose waterproof cushions?

Many homeowners are unsure which pillows to utilize due to the huge range of cushions accessible today. Because the majority of them will be drawn to the pattern’s elegance and the shape of the seat cushion. However, when it comes to diverse elements such as production material, the uniqueness of each model of cushion, such as waterproof cushions, must be considered.

1. Material of the waterproof cushion

Cotton, polyester, and memory foam are among the materials used to make seat cushions. They are now constructed from recycled fibers such as plastic bottles, and are considered to be sustainable, user-friendly, and environmentally beneficial. The qualities of each type of material for use are as follows.

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Cotton is a soft, light, and breathable organically sourced fiber. However, they are rigid and might shrink if washed repeatedly.

Polyester fibers are also popular because of their strength, flexibility, and simplicity of maintenance. However, it cannot compete with cotton fibers in terms of ventilation.

Memory Foam is a substance that caters to the demands of families with health issues who want to alleviate pain and pressure caused by prolonged sitting. This is growing more popular as a result of the present working lifestyle, which requires people to sit and work from home.

Recycled fiber is a type of environmentally beneficial or long-lasting recycling fiber manufactured from plastic bottles that have been recycled. It’s tough and long-lasting. It’s growing more popular, and it’s a trend among people that like to use fabric created from natural materials, such as waterproof pillowcases.

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2. Shape of the waterproof cushion


Because it is frequently used in conjunction with a chair, couch, or floor seat, the shape of the seat cushion is very important. Choosing the shape of the seat cushion not only adds to the attractiveness of the chair, but it also improves the comfort of every posture, reducing the risk of health issues. The U-shaped seat cushion, for example, will aid in pressure reduction while sitting. Most of them are popular to use around the office chair. The square or round shapes seat cushion are chosen according to the chair’s shape for appropriateness.

3. Thickness of the waterproof cushion

The thickness of the seat cushion must be chosen appropriately for sitting comfort. It shouldn’t be too thin or too thick. If the seat cushion is too thin, it will not be able to hold much weight and will be uncomfortable.


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4. Easy to clean


Cleanliness is a matter of the lifestyle of living in a new way that has it all. Therefore, it must be cleaned on a regular basis and you should buy a pillow that is easy to clean and can be hand washed or machine washed without affecting the color and shape that may change.

However, that it is a cushion that is used to beautify the outside of the house. In that situation, waterproof cushions or waterproof pillowcases should be used to avoid dirty cushions, especially during the rainy season. The inside of the house, especially the upholstered furniture, has to be cleaned. Dust, sweat, bacteria, and tenacious stains can develop on daily-used seat cushions.

5. The additional function of the waterproof cushion makes it more comfortable to use.


If you want more comfort in using a seat cushion, you should choose a pillow with additional functions for use, such as a strap tied to a chair to prevent the seat cushion from moving during use. And should choose a seat cushion with a back to help reduce health problems such as aches and pains. To increase comfort throughout the sit and relax.

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The advantages of waterproof cushions

The first characteristic of the seat cushion that satisfies users’ needs is unavoidable for the comfort of sitting and resting, as well as the reduction of discomfort or health issues. You should select a seat cushion that can properly support your body. The next thing is about introducing color to an area of a home that is more livable than ever before. It’s also easy to keep and clean, thanks to the water-repellent features of waterproof cushions or waterproof pillowcases, so you may use it both inside and outside your home without worry.


As HomeGuru mentioned above, although not the main piece of furniture, a waterproof cushion is one of the pieces of furniture that transforms and adds style to any home décor that makes it more charming, attractive, and livable. It can be decorated and utilized in the living room, bedroom, office, and backyard to improve the comfort of family members.

For those who already have cushions or pillows in use, a waterproof pillowcase is a simple and inexpensive way to make the original cushion more attractive, durable, and stain-resistant. It will be making the house’s corner more livable.

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