Houses that have been built for decades, started to show the signs for fixing. It is time for the homeowners to renovate. One of the problems is the permeability of concrete. This problem most often occurs in the bathroom or somewhere inside the house. Especially during the rainy season, houses have this leakage or cracked concrete easily. The choice of using waterproof cement is an option to help prevent leaks inside your home. And also help solve the problem of cracked concrete. Waterproof cement is easy to use. Tiles can be placed on the waterproof cement for both interior and exterior parts. It also provides good adhesion, flexibility, and durable to the weather. However, it is not recommended to use on brick surfaces and high porous concrete.

Waterproofing systems are generally divided as follows:

– Additives (Waterproof Admixture) pour down while mixing concrete
– Crystal concrete (Waterproofing by Crystallization) this type of waterproofing has both powder and liquid. When the substance enters the concrete, it is crystallizing the concrete, which makes the concrete becomes denser. It prevents leakage from porosity in concret

Surface Preparation

  • Prevents leakage from both outside and inside of the building.
  • Compatible with many types of surfaces such as concrete, concrete plaster and brick.
  • Surface must be strong, clean, dust free, free of oil stains and mortar, no color peeling and other impurities that affect the repairing of crack adhesion.
  • If the surface has cracked holes, repair the damaged area first.
  • Water to cure the surface to damp the surface before work. While working, there should be no water.

Mixing Waterproofing Cement

Mix flexible waterproofing cement in proportion as required: part A (cement) part B (Acrylic Polymer) A/B=3/1, then homogenize with the mixer. If the mixture is done, it should be used within 30 minutes. When the mixture is solid, do not add water. Leave to dry for about 7 days.


Instructions for Use

  • Clean the tools immediately with clean water.
  • Should not work in the sun or work on a hot surface.
  • Do not use acid-based cleaning agents.

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