How to prevent grime in the grout?

Black mold stains along the grout in the bathroom is like a nightmare for home lovers which in addition to reducing the bathroom the beauty is down Is also a collection of pathogens bacteria which is also harmful to the health of house members, causing housewives to be tired of regularly scrubbing these stains but no matter how many days you clean it, the dirt will reappear along the grout.

This content HomeGuru is a housewife with 5 ways to help protect our bathrooms. The dirt along the grout is reduced. Help the bathroom to be beautiful, clean, and longer to use.

1. Choose a good bathroom position

The main cause of black mold is caused by “moisture”, including moisture from water, stains, stains from soap and shampoo. Therefore, the first method of preventing black mold is The bathroom must have good ventilation. There is sunlight to help reduce moisture to the bathroom floor and wall which should be prepared from the design stage so that the position can be chosen the direction of the bathroom appropriately.

 วิธีโบกมือลาคราบราดำ ตามร่องยาแนว
Choose a good bathroom position

The most suitable direction for positioning the bathroom is south and west, specially the south will receive the sunlight is almost all day. For the wall in that direction to have a vent or wide open space to make the bathroom able to receive large amounts of sunlight hot sunlight helps the bathroom to dry faster, helps to kill germs and prevents moisture from accumulating or if unable to open many windows skylight roof installation to allow light from the roof is also a good option.

And in addition to natural options, moisture prevention can also be done by installing a fan. Ventilate the bathroom, a fan will help absorb moisture from the bathroom and helps the bathroom to dry faster. It is especially suitable for bathrooms that have few vents or to the north of the house.

2. Separation of dry zone and wet zone

The bathroom area that is wet and has the most stagnant water is the bathing zone, which houses in olden days will use the toilet area and showering in one area without dividing. Resulting in every shower splattering the floor and wall around the room, separating wet and dry zones, therefore, is like separating zones to control humidity spread throughout the room.

วิธีโบกมือลาคราบราดำ ตามร่องยาแนว
Separation of dry zone and wet zone

Just block the shower zone with a shower screen or glass door with a closed door. (But do not recommend shower curtain Because it is an important moisture storage area) limiting wet areas Will help prevent the water from splashing outward, making it easier to take care of floors and walls or to install a shower enclosure that is convenient to the next level Nowadays, shower rooms are available in many styles at an affordable price. The advantage of the cabinet is in addition to having a waterproof wall all around still have a supporting base no problem with grout and mold in the wet zone.

3. Stop using bath tub

In most design processes Homeowners tend to focus on the size of the bathroom as little as possible, because the subconscious mind often tells us that the bathroom is a small room and can be placed anywhere. But in actual use, we instead would like a lot of functionality. The stacking of functions within a single area is especially caused by the standing bath function.

Such functions were very popular in old-age housing estates. Including within many hotels. If looking superficial, it is a good function save a lot of space but in reality the lives of people will use. Bath only on average 1-2 times a month or some of you almost don’t use at all but had to stand and stand Bathe in the tub every morning and evening.

วิธีโบกมือลาคราบราดำ ตามร่องยาแนว
Bath, standing in the tub often a heavy burden for cleaning

Standing in a tub can be very dangerous, difficult to look after. Sink that is not used but instead must be wet became a collection of black fungus Is the cause of spreading the fungus to other spots throughout the bathroom, therefore, if wanting a bathtub function always design the space for the bathtub as well.

4. Choose bathroom wall materials that do not need grout

If the problem of dirtiness of the bathroom is at the grout mark Which is a groove where water and dirt are buried, the easiest way to prevent problems is the selection of materials that do not require grout to decorate the bathroom may sound like words Fist-fisting, but can actually do it especially in the shower room wall, try looking for replacement materials. Like a waterproof laminate that is big, beautiful, smooth like a seamless The material is not rotting or corroded, easy to clean. Can use water to wash already sold in our country the bathroom floor is also recommended is a ceramic tile material as before.

วิธีโบกมือลาคราบราดำ ตามร่องยาแนว
Example of wall mounted with waterproof laminate covering

5. Choose a grout that has especially anti-fungal properties

Do you know that there are many types of grout to choose from? Currently, the manufacturer brand has invented a type of grout that can prevent mold which will help reduce the formation of grout under the grout well, such as micro-flat grout, nano plaster or hydrophobic substances. But of course, this kind of special product is more expensive than normal, users may choose to use only the necessary points such as bathrooms, tiles, other rooms. Not much problem, choose a general grout.

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