What kind of containers are there? Do not put in the microwave. It is the knowledge that every butler and housewife should know! Because microwaves are considered kitchen appliances that almost every household must have Because it is an electrical appliance that makes daily life extremely convenient Especially for those who do not have much time to cook. Putting ready meals in containers and heating them in the microwave is an easy and time-saving method. But did you know that some containers. Do not put it in the microwave, as it can be more dangerous than you think, which HomeGuru has put together that the container what can’t get in the microwave through this article.


The danger of the container, do not put in the microwave

If using metal materials in the microwave

Put metal utensils, metal spoons, metal forks, or even foil in the microwave. The heat waves from the microwave, when it hits the metal, will cause the microwave waves to reflect back which will shorten the service life of the microwave. As a result of internal equipment deteriorating faster than it should. In addition, it can cause sparks from materials that could spread and cause a fire, so metal materials should never be microwaved.

ไมโครเวฟ ไมโครเวฟ ไมโครเวฟ


If the paper cup is put in the microwave

Paper cup or carton Looks like a container that is unlikely to be harmful if microwaved. But cups or paper boxes that are colorful, patterns, or letters from various prints If heated, it can contaminate the food with the chemicals from the printing ink. Therefore, although this is a paper container, if it is printed, it is not recommended to put the paper cup in the microwave.

If put the glass in the microwave

I must first say that the glass in here means a glass of water, not a container made of glass! Even a glass of water and a microwave might not look dangerous when used together. But actually, bringing the glass into the microwave is something that shouldn’t be done at all. Because no matter what kind of glass, ceramic or glass If the glass is too old to warm up, there is a chance it could be coated with a material that generates radiation and contains dangerous lead or heavy metals. And if the glass is heated in some microwave ovens that do not have a turntable for a long time. The warming heat compresses in the water. Taking the glass out and moving it a little, it may cause the water in the glass to spurt or explode.

แก้ว เข้าไมโครเวฟ

If you put a foam or plastic box in the microwave

It is believed that many people may be used to buying ready-made meals in convenience stores. And saw the service staff bringing the packed food. A foam box or a plastic box in the microwave to reheat food ready to eat immediately. It is understood that foam or plastic containers can be safely microwaved. But that’s a misunderstanding. Plastics that are safe to use in the microwave must be plastic that can withstand high heat and of good quality, such as Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) or Polypropylene (PP). This makes the plastic melt until it creates a food contamination and can be harmful to the body. This includes plastic wrap, which, when heated, causes steam on the plastic wrap to flow into the food. It is harmful to the body as well.

ฝาครอบเข้าไมโครเวฟ ถาดรองสำหรับบรรจุอาหารเข้าไมโครเวฟ ภาชนะไมโครเวฟที่ทำไข่ดาว


If put tile dish into microwave

Tile plate is one Containers that can be put in the microwave, but before putting a tile dish in the microwave, you should first make sure that the tile is Is there a color coating pattern in it? Because if it is a container with a color coating especially silver and gold. In addition to the potential for contaminants in food, it can also reflect microwaves to create a spark.


Never put it in the microwave if it is not a high heat-resistant container.

When reading at this point, you can see that many types of containers seem to be safe. But to actually bring it into the microwave because the container can be used in the microwave. Must have high heat resistance properties such as microwavable dishes, ceramic containers, heat-resistant glassware, some plastic containers, etc. But as each type of container has its own characteristics, it differs depending on the model and brand. If it were to be clearly separated that what is allowed in the microwave. What can’t get in the microwave. It may be quite difficult So if not really confident It may need to test the heat resistance of the container to ensure that that particular container can it be used in the microwave?


How to test which container never put it in the microwave

The principle of the microwave is to react with the liquid inside the container, so a simple way to test which container is microwaveable and which container do not put in the microwave is to bring 1 cup of cold water or about 250 ml into the container to be tested. Then put it in the microwave. Put the microwave to start on maximum heat for 1 minute, then turn it off. Then try to touch the container above the water that is put on that it is very hot or not. If it is found to be so hot that it cannot be touched with bare hands, it means that the container is cannot endure enough heat to use in a microwave.

Symbol for microwaveable containers

Another way to confirm that this container can be used in the microwave without the time required to test is to look for the Microwave Safe symbol with a waveform to show that it is a safe container that can be used in the microwave as specified on the container.


And all of these are important and small safety precautions that should not be overlooked. For anyone who has accidentally put these forbidden containers in the microwave. But fortunately, it is not dangerous yet, so be careful when using it in the future and help bring in some good information on the no-microwave utensils that HomeGuru has gathered to share for the benefit of your loved ones too.

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