After all day hard work, go through the heat, dust and smoke wherever you go. When you get home, head over to take a cool shower will help relieve fatigue, add freshness and comfort as well which way to bathe in the bathroom. It is a personal aesthetic. Some people like to shower with hard, scatter water. Some people choose a body shower. But some people prefer rain showers because they refresh the body.

การเลือก Rain Shower

Choosing to use the equipment in the bath is a way to enhance the atmosphere of the shower happier, which Rain Shower is becoming an interesting shower trend. But many homeowners may not have enough information about this. So they hesitate if they should have or not. In this article, HomeGuru will let you know more about Rain Shower to lead to the decision that our house should be installed in the bathroom.

การเลือก Rain Shower

What is a rain shower? What are the pros and cons?

There are two main types of shower showers that are popular: Hand Shower, which is a type of hose that can be used individually, with a small size, not much water distribution and the other is a rain shower which is a ceiling mounted shower. With pipe stem, the mounting position extends from the wall and is overhead. You can adjust the degree of use. The water flow direction will fall on the user’s head. The large shower allows the water to scatter rather strongly from the head down the entire body like standing in the rain.

rain shower ดียังไง

Advantages of Rain Shower

1. Increase relaxation

Rain Shower is installed high overhead causing the water to flow down vertically. The strength of water stimulates the circulatory system in the body. Some models are water lines mixed with small bubbles. The softness of the water makes you feel comfortable.

2. Wider with more space

Rain Showers are wider than hand held. Thus, covering the entire body from the head to the feet. Save shower time because you can wash your hair with a shower and wash yourself at the same time.

3. Good design

Rain showers come in many styles, including round, square, modern and classic styles, and you can choose to match any bathroom décor and functionality.

4. It can be adjusted to use in many ways

Rain Shower can be used in conjunction with a showerhead for specific applications and can be used with hot water machines.

5. Save water

Water coming out of a small hole mixed with air bubbles helps save more water, like washing every part of the body at the same time.

ฝักบัว RAIN SHOWER ฝักบัว RAIN SHOWER กระเบื้องผนัง

rain shower ดียังไง

The Cons of Rain Shower

1. Rain Shower installed with a hose, no cables, cannot handle, waterproof, specific use.
2. Not suitable for young children or the elderly who are unable to breathe through the mouth.
3. Rain Shower head cannot be removed and washed. Resulting in the remaining scale deposits inside until it becomes easily blocked.
4. The head gets wet every time you shower. May not be suitable for people who do not like this format.

การเลือก Rain Shower

What kind of house is suitable for rain shower installation?

For anyone who reads the advantages and wants to use Rain Shower, do not decide yet. Because there are still things to keep in mind. Otherwise a beautiful shower, it may need to lie still and not in use, the first is the shower, the bigger the need, the higher the amount of water, the Rain Shower uses about 20 liters of water / minute or more. Homes with weak water flow will have weak water problems after installation.

In addition to the large amount of water Also needs a lot of water pressure. Therefore, you need to check the water pressure first. If not enough force, a water pump must be installed to increase the pressure. Therefore, a house that is suitable for rain shower installation is a house with a large volume of water through the pipes and strong water pressure at the same time.

การเลือก Rain Shower

Things to prepare or check before installing a rain shower

This ensures that the amount of water and pressure is sufficient for use. Recommend to use a water pressure gauge tool (Pressure Gauge) to check before installation. In addition, you should prepare a water tank and a water pump in the wattage that meets the needs which homeowners have to choose equipment or adjust the water pressure to suit to avoid the problem of water not reaching the shower top. This causes the water to flow unevenly, if in doubt, look for a qualified technician to inspect the site and fix the problem before installation.

ฝักบัว RAIN SHOWER น้ำอุ่น ราวเลื่อนฝักบัว ฉากกั้นอาบน้ำ

วิธีติดตั้งฝักบัว rain shower

How to choose a rain shower?

1. The material is corrosion-resistant and does not rust. Recommended materials are 304 grade stainless steel, but if the house is next to the beach, it is better to use a brass chrome plated material.

2. Size that is perfect for use rain showers are available in 5-inch, 8-inch, or 12-inch sizes. We recommend that 8-inch or larger will work well.

3. The shower head should be adjustable. It can be moved up and down the shower to suit different heights of users.

4. Easy to clean especially the holes on the pedals of the shower head must have a soft texture. This helps to easily remove stains that are stuck. Some models now have high water pressure technology for compressing the needle panels. The shower head can then clean the scale plugging holes by itself. Reduce the problem of stains clogging well.

5. Choose your preferred style of water, such as a stream that looks like raindrops. A type that is mixed with soft, soft bubbles or a strong waterfall.

การเลือก Rain Shower

Now you know the pros and cons of rain shower and what to prepare. If you have to install rain shower like this, then I hope readers will keep it as information to choose the best one to reward yourself.

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