Which brand of kettle is the best? It doesn’t appear that each brand should have a lot of different features or services. But did you know that when purchasing a kettle, you should consider usage characteristics to ensure that the thermos fulfills the entire family’s demands?  A kettle is an electric appliance that has been around for a long time, originally used to heat water for coffee, tea, or milk using a kettle. However, with the advancement of technology and inventions, there are several thermoses to select from, like Sharp electric kettles and Panasonic electric kettles for home and office use. Alternatively, you may transport it to different locations. HomeGuru offers an excellent quality HomePro electric kettle to recommend with every home as an alternative to whatever thermos brand of kettle can be utilized in a simple style and at a comparatively affordable price.

• How to choose a brand of kettle that meets your needs.
• What’s the best brand of kettle? Kitchens with a minimalist design have a distinctive look.
• How to clean a kettle without causing it to scale

How to choose a brand of kettle that meets your needs.


1. The kettle’s capacity

Hot water bottles come in a variety of sizes to suit the demands of the user or the number of family members. For example, if used in a family, a thermos with a capacity of roughly 2 liters may be appropriate, however if you live alone, 1 liter will suffice.

2. Additional functions besides boiling water

Apart from helping to boil water, you should choose a thermos that has additional functions. Descaling system, automatic timer, and power cut are examples. For enhanced user comfort, an automatic chlorine odor reduction device is installed.

3. Save energy when in use.

A thermos is an appliance that uses electricity to function. Before purchasing, check to see if the flask has an energy-saving label No. 5 or not, as this will help you save a lot of electricity.

What’s the best brand of kettle? Kitchens with a minimalist design have a distinctive look.


กระติกน้ำร้อน โฮมโปร

Hot Pot DIGITAL TOSHIBA PLK-30FL(WT)A is popular for usage in many homes because its simple and compact design, as well as its easy-to-use functions. In addition to providing hot water rapidly, a button speeds up the boiling process by 100 degrees Celsius, which helps keep the hot water cleaner. You may also set the temperature to three levels based on your needs: 60, 85, and 98 degrees Celsius. It has a function that uses the LCD screen to display the temperature in the flask and an automatic locking system. The Auto Clean system makes it easier to clean the thermos and informs you when there is no water in the boiler.


กระติกน้ำร้อน panasonic

PANASONIC electric kettle model NC-TXF30H is another model that is easy to use, clean, and safe. It includes heat-transfer technologies, such as a bottom heating plate that transmits heat from the bottom to the water in the flask on a regular basis, allowing for hot water on demand.

The kettle now features a new water level indication panel that clearly displays the remaining water level. 360° rotating jar base, with automatic shut-off in the event of an abnormally high temperature. So you don’t have to worry about an electric shock to receive hot water, even if there’s water left, and it can be used confidently and safely with automatic shut-off when the water is dry, short-circuited, or at an excessively high temperature.


เครื่องกดน้ำร้อน SEAGULL

In addition to the widely used HomePro electric kettle, the hot water dispenser is a terrific way to brew coffee or tea quickly. The SEAGULL 15001215 hot water dispenser, for example, with a capacity of 2.2 liters, fully covers the needs of the entire family. Whether it heats up in 4 seconds and has an adjustable temperature range of +/- 5 degrees Celsius. It is easy to clean and has a safety protection system in case the water runs out. Convenience is ideal for families or people who live in condominiums.


กาต้มน้ำไฟฟ้า MEX

The HomePro electric kettle is available in various applications and is beautiful with a modest design. It is unavoidable that the MEX KPLG105TW electric kettle brings convenience for singles or small families. The kettle is simple to use, with a touch control panel that displays real-time temperature, a 6-level temperature control mechanism, and an interior stainless steel tea filter. It is simple to clean and can be used in the kitchen or living area.


กระติกน้ำร้อน sharp

If you don’t want to deal with the trouble of using a thermos but yet want one that is robust and strong, the SHARP thermos KP20BT is another model that should be utilized for families. Whether preparing coffee or creating food menus, the machine is quick because it includes a special SHARP technology that helps expedite the boiling Reboil temperature up to 100 degrees Celsius. The solid material is sturdy, heat resistant, and does not rust, and the price is reasonable.



This JENNIFERROOM JRTH-K181WH electric kettle is not just intended to fulfill the needs of the younger generation. The kettle, like the minimalism, is compact and simple to use, with only one button to get hot water on demand. The unit has a non-slip rubber base and built-in cord storage, allowing you to put it in any corner of your home to conserve room. However, it is best suited for use with only 1-2 family members or for households who need to prepare quick coffee or tea meals.



With today’s fast-paced lifestyles of housewives and butlers, using a portable electric kettle to help make every hot drink wonderful all day long has become a popular trend throughout the New Normal life. One of the SHARP electric kettle, Panasonic electric kettle, and DEERMA DR050 electric kettle alternatives with a simple design, modern, and convenient to carry as a boiling kettle. The outer cup, which is an electric hot water cup that heats up to 90 degrees Celsius quickly, may be used for both drinks and instant noodles.


กาต้มน้ำไฟฟ้า DELONGHI

The DELONGHI KBOE2030W electric kettle can completely suit both design and function needs, despite its higher price than other kettles. Designed to fit the lifestyle of families who choose to adorn their homes in a simple but stylish modern and minimalist manner. With a gooseneck pen and a comfy handle, the kettle is one-of-a-kind. You can adjust the water’s heat temperature to suit your needs, and it’s digitally controlled with three layers of safety protection. So, you don’t have to be concerned about threats when using it, and the device is small enough to fit anywhere. It adds just the right amount of charm to the kitchen.

How to clean a kettle without causing it to scale


The primary issue with the thermos is the scale build-up inside the boiler, which becomes very obvious after a while of use. Clean the thermos by putting distilled vinegar mixed with clean water into the boiling kettle and plugging it in to wait for it to boil. Then wait for the cold water to drain and then clean the boiler with clean water. This will greatly lessen the scale buildup inside the boiler. This method is simple and anyone can do it at home.

If you’re looking for a HomePro electric kettle that makes brewing beverages at home or on the go a breeze, the brand of kettle mentioned above should be a good choice. Thermoses are simple to use and conserve energy. HomeGuru gives a few suggestions, such as never leaving a thermos plugged in while it’s not being used. For one thing, it wastes electricity, and for another, it’s potentially harmful. This includes boiling enough water, not using ice cold water, and frequently inspecting the conditions of usage to ensure a long service life.

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