“Water tank every brand is similar” is the truth or not? Water tanks are used for storing water to consume in household and storing water for emergency time as well. And every household should not be worry about their quality such as contaminate in the water, bacteria and moss.

Actually, there are many types of water tanks for different using and there are many factors for buying them such as above ground or underground type water tank, material, shape, installation and worthiness. Today, HomeGuru would like to show the 7 best brands of water tank for helping you to make a decision of choosing.

• DOS NATURA above ground water tank 700 liters
• DOS CHABA NANO 400 liters
• WAVE FLORA 1,000 liters
• DOS TIMBERA 900 liters
• DOS NATURA WATER PAC 700 liters + MITSUBISHI water pump EP355
• DOS GREENERY above ground water tank 2,000 liters
• WAVE CHANG 500 liters

The 7 best brands of water tank


1. DOS NATURA On ground water tank 700 liters

If you want a water tank which can match natural housing style in reasonable price, we suggest you to buy DOS NATURA above ground water tank 700 liters. This is due to this water tank comes with sand color and it made from Polymer Elixer which is strong and durable material. Moreover, there is UV8+ sun protection innovation for extending its service life span and its body is opaque which can prevent moss and unpleasant smell. DOS NATURA 700 liters is suitable for medium size family with 3 – 4 members.


2. CHABA NANO DOS On ground water tank 400 liters

CHABA NANO DOS 400 liters is enough for a small family with 1 – 2 members living in townhome. A design of this product is similar with DOS NATURA 700 liters with a little bit taller shape. It made from Polymer Elixer which is strong and durable material as well as it can protect itself from the sun for preventing moss and unpleasant smell. Furthermore, there is Combac Antimicrobial technology for more confidence in quality of water because this technology help to prevent bacteria and microorganism up to 99.99%.


3. WAVE FLORA On ground water tank 1,000 liters

The highlight of WAVE FLORA 1,000 liters is preventing bacteria with ZEOMIC SILVER ZEOLITE developed from Japan. This product made form polymer which can avoid unpleasant smell and able to protect itself from UV 8+ therefore, its body and color not be damaged. This water tank has a plain base help for easy installing and this product is suitable for family with 4 – 5 members, restaurant and café.


4. DOS TIMBERA 900 litter

To answer the lifestyle, design and home decoration which is focus on the limited space and beauty. This DOS TIMBERA is suitable. Because of the unique design and pattern of the water tank and the pattern, it is easy to place as a good home furniture.

The pail is made from 100% POLYMER ELIXIR FOOD GRADE, opaque, helping to prevent moss. Inhibits 99.99% of bacteria and microorganisms. It is withstanding weather and UV light up to 20 times so it can be placed both indoors and outdoors.



It’s 2 in 1 function. With New innovations which can save the space for your house. It’s suitable for homes with little living space or want to use the space inside the house wisely. The water pump can be placed without the general installation, reducing a noise when the water pump is working and have longer usage time.

The water tank has simple design to suit with every style of home decoration. It is strong, durable, safe and resistant to all weather conditions with Polymer Elixer material with COMBAC ANTIMICROBIAL technology. It can inhibit bacteria and microorganisms 99.99% free of toxic substances, lead and mercury, and no heavy metal


6. DOS GREENERY 2,000 liters

It is suitable for large families with 7 or more members, the water tank is made of safe, non-toxic H970 material. It is also strong and durable with technology that is 8 times the sun and UV light resistance. it can be placed both outdoor and indoor depending on the suitability of the area. The water tank is quite large so it is necessary to measure the area before installation.


7. WAVE CHANG 500 liters

If you want on ground water tank with middle size. But can be used worthwhile. This type is suitable. The tank is opaque, thick, made of Polyethylene-Hexene-Copolymer C6 material and flexible. Suitable for outdoor installation. Prevents moss, dust, and various insects fly into the tank. Worriless of usage.

No matter what type of water tank that HomeGuru mention above. besides the usage of Soil water tank when needed or emergency, we should also consider other properties which can reduce the concern of use such as innovation of inhibit bacteria and microorganisms. Innovative of sun protection and the space for installation should suitable for the size of the water tank. and most importantly, it should effectively support the use of family members.

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