It is believed that many houses would be the same that they could use a single knife to prepare every dish. Whether it is cut, chopped, cut, and also peel fruit … It’s not uncommon because I am doing that as well. But I have a problem when I can’t cut the bread as I want, I want to slide it straight, beautiful like what they usually sell, but other times … every time that can’t be cut pretty, it doesn’t match the picture drawn at all. The problem is that the knife is used. Using a wrong knife, does life really change? HomeGuru wants to tell you about knives how many types and what is suitable for.

Selection of “knife” in addition to the parallel. There are still materials used to produce blades. Design that includes a blade and a handle. Each material has different properties. We will not talk about design, aesthetics that are a special requirement. But we will talk about the general appearance of kitchen knives made of materials such as


Stainless steel knife or it is called transition metals. There are many advantages. Therefore, it is popularly use, including a chef profession as well. It is more resistant to corrosion than High Carbon steel, has a good weight, does not rust, can be sharpened easily, but it will lose its sharpness as well. In addition, the shiny stainless surface makes dirt difficult to stick, so it is safe from contaminating food.

High Carbon Steel Knife Most people like to use knives that are made of steel, probably because they are used to feel comfortable, easy to buy, strong and durable. Thick and heavy for a long time Even easily rusted But with modern technology, some brands have made it more anticorrosive. But still have to keep sharp and erased often.

The ceramic knife is made of Zirconium Dioxide (zirconium dioxide) which is very strong and sharp. With properties that are stronger than diamonds, it can be used for a long time that you can forget without sharpening. Lightweight and comfortable to use. But fragile, therefore not suitable for chopping very hard items such as bones, ice cubes, and unrefined frozen food and other types of food with special hardness.

มีดผลไม้ เซรามิก มีดสเตนเลส มีดสเตนเลส


Type of Knife

Chef knife

Do you know any profession that has a knife? The chef. It can never be cut apart ir it could be said that it was the other arm of the chef. Because they have to be used all the time. It can be used with a wide variety of materials. Therefore, the chef’s knife has different features, suitable weight. The standard size is about 6 – 12 inches, of course, not just one.

มีดเชฟ มีดเชฟ มีดครัว


Paring Knife

A small knife with excellent sharpness. Smaller than half a chef’s knife, about 2.5 to 4 inches, it can be used to peel fruit or cut certain types of vegetables and meat. It is suitable for applications that focus on resolution, including fast, there is an observation point, this type has a longer handle than the blade, so it should be used with extra caution.

มีดปอกผลไม้ มีดปอกผลไม้ มีดอเนกประสงค์


Utility knife

It is a knife in every household. And this is the knife that was said to start it. As the name suggests, it is versatile (but it doesn’t say that it will be good or bad), whether it is cutting, cutting, and chopping, it looks like a paring knife. But bigger than a paring knife. Smaller than a chef’s knife about 4 – 7 inches.

มีดอเนกประสงค์ มีดอเนกประสงค์


Chopper Knife

It should be a large, thick, heavy-duty knife to send force to precisely chop thick pieces of meat, easily chopping bones, ligaments, joints, or other hard materials.

มีดสับ มีดสับ มีดสับ


Butcher knife

Some homes may not be considered important. But try to read this feature first and decide again. Butcher knives are designed to cut both cooked and uncooked meat, making it thinner than other knives. In which some types of meat must be cut into thin slices to reach the taste of deliciousness and also get the beauty as a free gift when setting up the plate as well. The standard size is about 8 – 10 inches.

มีดแล่เนื้อ มีดหั่น


Bread knife

Knives of this type are characterized by their sharp and serrated blades. For cutting hard and thick bread crusts Including the bread that is soft and flexible without causing the bread to split apart. The standard size is about 6-10 inches and with the special serrated blade, it is not popular to sharpen this type of knife. It should be replaced every 2-3 years or when you notice that the knife is not sharp.

มีดหั่นขนมปัง ที่เสียบมีดไม้ยาง


For general cleaning of knives, they should be cleaned with a cleaning agent and dry before storing. Carbon steel knife and stainless knives should be washed and sharpened frequently to keep the knife sharp and coated with some oil to prevent rust. Ceramic knives should be sheathed or keep practicing every time prevents rubbing, bumps, chipping and breaking.

If you give a serious classification. There are still many types of knives that should be installed in the kitchen. If any home kitchen could have this level, the real chef would have to give up a finger. For those of you who are looking to buy a knife, are available in one place., recommend at all HomePro branches.

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