Cooking at Home becomes major trend coming out of Covid-19 situation. The air fryer is undeniably the hottest cooking appliance for every home, especially the convenience of use that is extremely easy to work from home due to the COVID-19 situation. There’s no question that air fryers are hugely popular. But if you’ve ever wondered, “what is an air fryer?”, “how does an air fryer work?” or “how much the air fryer price?”, HomeGuru will bring you to know more about this item and HomePro air fryer.


Here’s some more good news for you. Cooking times are much faster in an air fryer than in your big kitchen oven or smaller toaster oven. Does anyone really know more about this item together?
1. Air Fryer, Item For Every Home
2. The Benefits of Air Frying
3. How to Cook in Your Air Fryer
4. Key Factors to Choosing the Right Air Fryer


Air Fryer, Item For Every Home

An air fryer is a popular kitchen appliance used to make many fried foods. It works by circulating hot air around the food to produce a crunchy, crispy exterior. Air-fried foods are believed to be healthier than deep-fried foods because they’re claimed to help lower fat and calories and it reduces the risk of disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, or even obesity.

The working process of the fryer is using a circulation of hot air to cooking food that would otherwise be submerged in oil. When food is heated, the oil in the food is stirred to cooked like deep-fried food. Inside the air fryer, there is a device that extracts the oil, which is why it is an item that can remove fat from food.


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The Benefits of Air Frying

Generally, people tend to think that the air fryer is suitable for people who want to fry without oil or for healthy people. In fact, the air fryer has many advantages that you may not know.

• Air fryer really do create low-fat food that good for health
• It is a device that can reduce accidents while cooking, such as oil splashes.
• The exterior doesn’t really get dirty and it is easy to wipe down and keep clean.
• Reduce the risk of receiving “Acrylamide” which is a type of carcinogen that results from frying at high heat.
• Air fryer price is inexpensive and come in a variety of brands.
• Easy to use, just prepare the ingredients. Then add water to the grate of the fryer. After that, set the time with food or select the desired mode.

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How to Cook in Your Air Fryer

Believe that many people are deciding whether to buy an air fryer for home or not, because they may think it can fry only. Before you hit up the kitchen store, HomePro air fryer also has more functions that can use to cook other food as well.

1. Frying

Of course, this is the basics function of using an air fryer, whether how much the air fryer price, any menu can be fried depending on your needs. Yes, it can fry pork, french fries, chicken wings, omelet by setting the time and temperature. So, the food is cooked thoroughly and not burned.

2. Food Baking

Generally, baking food in an air fryer is similar to frying. But the baking has to be preheated, which provided this mode in some models. So, you don’t have to set it up yourself. If your air fryer doesn’t have this mode, you can either warm it up first or use a proper temperature setting instead. It is about 150 degrees Celsius and takes an average of about 10 -12 minutes.

3. Steaming

Cooking steamed dishes in an air fryer advises using ingredients that much moistures, such as fish because if you want to steam it, you need to use a little heating method not to dry the food too much.

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4. Roasting

For the same reasons that air frying is great for fried foods, it’s also great for roasting such as roasted pork belly. You have to put the pork belly into the fryer 2 times. The first round is to cook the ingredients, which takes about 25 minutes, at the heat of 200 degrees Celsius, then mix it with the seasoning and cook for another 5 minutes over 160 degrees Celsius.

5. Grilling

Using an air fryer for grilling will cause the food to become slightly dry. Therefore, to avoid excessive drying of the food, the cooking method must use 2-3 times depending on the ingredients. The first time may take 3 – 4 minutes and the second time 10 – 12 minutes, but in the case of an easy-to-burn menu such as grilled bananas, it may have to cook once, and takes time 10 – 12 minutes.

6. Bakery Baking

You can also use the air fryer to make baked goods. But there’s some brand that has baking mode. Baking food in the air fryer can be beneficial because you’ll save time by not having to preheat the oven, normal using time 10 mins.


Key Factors to Choosing the Right Air Fryer

Choosing the best air fryer has to choose based on their functionality, and today HomeGuru gives you a few tips to help you get the best air fryer price and most effective.

1. Capacity

Keep in mind before you choose the air fryer, you may need to know how many servings you need in your family. If you’re cooking for your family, 3-6 members, you probably want a large one, a 5L air fryer that big enough for your family. If you plan to use it in an apartment or condo, a 2L air fryer is suitable for use.

2. Functions

Most air fryers have temperature and timer adjustments that allow more precise cooking. And some air fryers have many cooking modes that you can just press a button without having to set any setting by yourself such as chicken mode, french fries mode, or oven mode. But keep in mind that the more mode or optional functions, the more expensive it will be.

3. Cleaning

Whether you choose to buy any electrical appliances, especially kitchenware, it is important to maintain them after cooking. You should consider how difficult to clean the machine. Ideally, you should select the model with a non-stick coating, as it makes it easy to clean or buy a HomePro air fryer. There are various models through the website.

4. Color

The appearance and design of the device are not only for aesthetics but also for easy maintenance, for example, choosing a black air fryer will be easier to clean than a white one. The white color is difficult to notice stains when used for a long time, and the white color will fade easier.

5. Price and Brand

Lastly, the selection for all types of kitchenware needs to consider the budget in the pocket. There are many air fryers prices and many brands for selecting, such as Smart Home, Tefal, OTTO, Xiaomi, Haier, and Philips.

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Here are tricks for choosing the air fryer that HomeGuru recommend for cooking lover today. If you are looking for an air fryer price that is cost-effective and has a wide variety of promotions, try to choose HomePro air fryer because there are many prices and brands for you. You can assure you that you will get good electrical appliances at a great value for sure.

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