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Believe that housewives who have to wash clothes for naughty kids have to have a headache with the laundry problem and the stain remains, the dull colored fabric smells bad even when trying to find the cause and try to change the washing method. By setting the program to wash for a longer time. Adjust the mode to wash stronger or change the brand of detergent, still found that there are debris and stains attached to the clothes.

Do you know that… these problems may be caused by small things that we often overlook as “Do not wash the washing machine,” which is unbelievable that it will make the tub that we think clean to become a pileup.

As usual, new models of washing machines Will have a cleaning mode for the device as well. But many homes have never been used and never wash the tub. Think that every time you wash clothes, the detergent should already help to wash the drum inside, so there is no need to wash again which is a misunderstanding because the equipment that is responsible for washing can also get dirty as well. And neglecting not to clean will make “The cleanest place Became the dirtiest place.” That’s because Inside the washing machine in addition to the stainless steel tank and bottom plate that we see when opening the lid, it also consists of a plastic tank covering the stainless steel tank and many other parts. Every time you wash dirty clothes and the residue from the clothes will follow the niche of the tank. The rubber seal around the lid (in the case of the front cover) which is hidden in the point that general users cannot see.

Where does the dirt in the washing machine come from?

  • Sweat stains, food stains, dust, dead skin Oil mist from cooking, etc. that is attached to clothes on a daily basis Which will have some residue accumulated inside the tank after each washing
  • Laundry detergent stains fabric softener or various chemicals used in washing residue in the machine after washing clothes.
  • Sediment and limestone in the tap water that the washing machine uses.

What happens when not washing the washing machine?

When these impurities accumulate for a long time Will be full of brown sediment-like mud, which is the source accumulating germs. The rubber seal has moisture, allowing mold and bacteria to grow quickly formed a black spot. Which is one of the causes of musty smell inside the tub There are dirt stains has a musty smell in the fabric, clothes tarnish quickly and may cause skin allergies.

For how to clean the washing machine. Nowadays, new washing machines Will have a cleaning program comes with the engine but still need to be washed from time to time. By washing the drum, the washing machine uses baking soda or use vinegar helps to remove stains. Removing mold but if wanting to clear the full version, thoroughly clean. It is necessary to disassemble the equipment has labor-saving tools and has many steps and needs to be dismantled equipment parts coming out. Normally, the need to wash the washing machine drum about 1-2 times a year, if buying the equipment to wash by yourself, may not be worth the investment.

15 steps of washing machine washing from Home Service

As mentioned in the previous section, users can wash the basic washing machine bin by themselves. But if you want an annual cleanliness or cleaning It is necessary to disassemble the washing machine equipment in order to thoroughly access internal wash. Therefore, requires the service of technicians with expertise complete with tools to remove pieces, parts and assemble back to make the machine work as before. HomeService by HomePro has a team of technicians who have passed Training standards from the Department of Skill Development. Rest assured that the true expert on washing the washing machine drum both the top-lid machine with 15 standard procedures for servicing.

  1. Wash stainless steel washing tank/washing plate.
  2. Wash the motor / belt
  3. Blow away moisture, spare parts
  4. Suction and blow the sewer by using high-pressure water guns safe without chemicals
  5. Clean the machine
  6. Check the control panel and machine operation
  7. Measure pressure (Volt)
  8. Measure current (Amp)
  9. Inspect the electrical connector for the inside of the machine
  10. Check the ground cable
  11. Check joints of various joints
  12. Check the heater set (some model only)
  13. Check the door seal
  14. Apply liquid to the exterior surface
Washing machine cleaning service

You are able to call to clean the washing machine everyday. Where there are people living every day, we recommend calling on weekdays, because the service fee is only 1,100 baht per machine only. But if using the service on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays, the service fee is 1,200 baht per machine. The service duration is approximately 90 – 120 minutes. Readers can check the promotion details at the point of sale at the HomePro branch near your house.

However, extending the life of the washing machine, in addition to washing the tub regularly, for the front lid, the front door must be kept open all the time for air to circulate and reduce moisture inside. Regularly inspect the machine twice a year and check the equipment that must be changed according to the use period, such as sieve, filter, at least 1 time per year. For those who trust the quality team of Home Service by HomePro to inspect and clean electrical appliances like this.

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