We are entering summer season, for any home that has faced heat before installing air conditioner. You can probably remember the feeling that living hot during that day still torture you at night. Because the air is relatively stable without wind causing uncomfortable sleep until deep sleep. Bedroom is, therefore, the room that many houses choose to be air-conditioned as the first room.

But after installing the air conditioner, some people feel that it is too hot and cold to sleep uncomfortably. Wake up with stuffy nose every day. The cause may not be due to external factors. But caused by installing the air conditioner in an inappropriate position which can affect long-term health. In this content, “HomeGuru” recommends you to choose an air conditioner installation location to sleep every night and get full quality of sleep, ready for a new day with freshness.


Choose the location for installing air conditioner in the bedroom to sleep comfortably

1. Should not install the air conditioner on the head and the end of the bed

The air conditioner should not be installed in the head and end of the bed. This is very important because it is the position where air is released directly to the body and head which may cause health problems. For the wind direction from the air conditioner to the garden, from the toes to the head, cold air will blow through the nose. If the air conditioner is not cleaned for a long time, the air blown out from the air conditioner will have moisture and germs as well. Which is one part that causes the respiratory system to malfunction. You may get cold or allergy easily. Also, installing air conditioner on the head of the bed will make you feel like sleeping with something pressing you down, you will feel unsafe and also wrong according to Feng Shui.

2. The air conditioner should not be installed above the door

Position above the door of the room is the point where air conditioning should not be installed because of the opening-closing. The door will make the cold out of the bedroom easily. The temperature near the door is not stable resulting in the air conditioner to cool slowly. The air conditioner sensor system works hard and uses much electricity.


3. The air conditioner location must not be exposed to direct sunlight or heat

All types of coolers should not be installed in a place exposed to sunlight or with a heater. Especially the house wall on the south and west sides which is the direction that receives the sunlight almost all day. Not just making the air conditioner work harder, electricity bills also cost more. If some rooms cannot be avoided in that direction, you may choose to buy ceiling type air conditioner instead.

4. Choose a location that can distribute air far

Each room has different shapes and sizes. There are similar principles in looking at the installation point, which is install at the corner where the air conditioner can distribute cool air throughout the room. Not installed in confined corners because the cold distribution may not be as good as it should be, such as a rectangular room, the installation position should be in the long wall position. So that the cold air can distribute to the left and right of the room evenly.


5. Choose to install in the position perpendicular to the bed

The most suitable position for installation in the bedroom is the side wall that is perpendicular to the bed. Let the wind direction from the machine blow across the body while sleeping. It may be installed in the middle of the bed or moved slightly towards the end of the bed will help reduce the risk of allergies or the respiratory system.


In addition to the installation locations related to health, you must also consider safety as well. By not installing air conditioners on all electrical devices because while the air conditioner is working often have water problems with air dripping. If there is electrical equipment at the bottom will damage electrical equipment. It can cause an electric shock accident and should not place cabinets or furniture blocking the wind direction. Importantly, remember to regularly remove the air filter in the machine for replacement or cleaning for a specified period. Just as this will cause the air conditioner to have good air distribution. You will feel comfortable and not worried about allergies while also helping to save on electricity bills.

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