Bird netting, one of the most popular bird netting equipment, is not equal to bird control devices such as bird spike, bird scarer, bird repellents, or other equipment that you may be expecting. Can these really be used to stop birds? Because the anti pigeon net is a device that effectively protects pigeons and other birds. The important thing is that it has a long service life and not a high price. Anyone who is looking for bird netting HomeGuru has some good techniques for buying and has HomePro bird netting to recommend as well.

• The origin of bird netting that many people may not know.
• Bird netting types that you should know.
• Techniques for choosing the right bird netting.
• HomePro bird netting and equipment recommended by HomeGuru


• The origin of bird netting that many people may not know.

Many people may not have ever wondered how the anti pigeon net that we see today originated. But believe it or not, the bird netting that we use the most today is an innovation that happened by chance. This was caused by a fisherman who caught a large number of fish in a warehouse at a time. Still, there was a problem with the many birds that lived at his warehouse, causing annoyance and damage to the fish he caught. He then figured out a way to repel the birds by making loud noises, which was only temporary, because no matter how many firecrackers, the flock would come back every time.

One day, while the fisherman was catching fish, as usual, the net he was using was torn and damaged. Sadly, he sat back and figured out how to use the damaged net that, at that moment, a bird flew onto the roof of the area where he was sitting. So he threw the damaged net at the bird in anger. It turned out that it got stuck in the wind, so the bird couldn’t fly away. Seeing this, the fisherman figured out a way to prevent the birds from interfering with his fish warehouse again.

He brought his damaged nets stretched over the warehouse so that the birds would not interfere, and the results were as expected. Even if a flock of birds came near the warehouse, they could not go and cause trouble inside the warehouse. People who knew about and saw the fisherman’s nets were put on to prevent birds. Therefore, it is the origin of the bird netting that we know today. (Refer to Bird Netting Solutions Co., Ltd.)


• Bird netting types that you should know.

The anti pigeon net that is currently on sale may look the same or very similar. But in fact, there are many different types of netting to choose from, just like any other bird control equipment. Before buying HomePro bird netting to use at home, you should get to know each type of bird netting first.

1. Nylon Bird Netting

Nylon is a plastic resin with unique properties that are highly flexible, resistant to low temperatures. It has very good alkali resistance, toughness, high strength, and abrasion resistance. Therefore, it is commonly used to produce nets for trapping various animals, including nylon netting for bird protection. In addition to the form of nylon bird netting with the same netting structure, nowadays, nylon is also used to produce other types of the net that are different from the original.

2. HDPE Bird Netting

HDPE is an opaque white polyethylene resin, high density, high tensile strength, and good chemical resistance. Therefore, it is popularly produced for use in industrial with a mesh pattern, both the original structure and other types, and nylon bird netting.

3. PE Bird Netting

PE is another type of plastic with properties of polyethylene granules that are opaque white, high density, tensile strength, chemical resistance, and HDPE. But it is different in that PE will have both added UV, popularly produced for use in industrial. There is a mesh pattern, both the original structure and other types as well.

4. PP Bird Netting

PP is a plastic granule with outstanding properties of high impact resistance, especially in low temperatures. It has an opaque appearance, can be easily molded into the workpiece, is commonly used to make a forming net, so it is often used for bird netting because it is easy to install. But it is not suitable for installations that require too much pressure on the net. As for the form of PE protective netting, there are both the original structure and the production of other types of mesh.


• Techniques for choosing the right bird netting.

Since anti pigeon nets are made of different materials, they also have different mesh patterns in color, size, or mesh density. Therefore, if you want to buy bird netting to meet the needs of your use, you must consider the following factors.

1. Type of Netting

There are many types of anti pigeon net, nylon bird netting, PP bird netting, PE bird netting, HDPE bird netting, tendon netting, and stainless bird netting. Each type has different features to use, so it has to be chosen to suit that area. The window should choose a bird netting with heat-resistant properties such as HDPE bird netting, PP bird netting, or PE bird netting to have a long service life and not deteriorate quickly.

2. Mesh Density

In addition to the type of netting, the mesh density of the anti pigeon net is also available in various styles. There are many shapes to choose from, including square-shaped bird netting, hexagon-shaped bird netting, diamond-shaped, etc. Each type is usually produced in a variety of different sizes. If you want to protect both pigeons and small birds, you can choose a bird net with a frequency of 1 millimeter that can protect all kinds of birds.

3. Colors

In addition to the utility to be gained, installing an anti pigeon net also needs to be considered neat. The bird netting should be chosen according to the environment in the installation site so that it looks natural and does not obscure the visibility. Popular bird netting colors are gray, white, black, and green.


• HomePro bird netting and equipment recommended by HomeGuru

If anyone still can’t decide which bird netting to choose, which is effective and long-lasting bird protection. HomeGuru would like to take the opportunity to recommend HomePro bird netting that guarantees good quality, standard, worth the price.



Bird netting is made of PP (Polypropylene) plastic, which is more durable than general plastic. It can be used to block areas where pigeons, sparrows, and all kinds of birds do not want to fly over. Whether it’s an attic space, a space between a building, a condo balcony, a warehouse, an airport, etc., it can be used outside and inside the building. Once installed, it will not obscure the scenery if viewed from a distance of 5-10 meters. All-weather resistant, strong, not easily damaged. If a bird is flying into the net, the net will not tear, and the bird won’t tangle.



Finished mesh frame from TECHNO-BIRD made of suitable quality plastic. Used for installing anti-bird netting or for installing insect screens. It can be installed by yourself, convenient, quick, and easy, just peel off the adhesive tape and install it on the window sill immediately. If anyone is worried about the strength, the plastic frame has holes to drive nails or screws to increase the strength.

Although there are many types of bird netting, it is not difficult to choose considering the factors that HomeGuru recommends. But for those who want to buy by themselves can go to buy HomePro bird netting and consult about installation services at all HomePro branches. Or easily shop for home products online, just click, for more information, please contact Call Center 1284.

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