Which brand of Teflon pan is good? It is still an endless discussion. Having at least one nonstick pan is essential in every cook’s kitchen, from the most professional to beginners. It’s almost impossible to make eggs without one, they make pan-searing fish a lot easier, and they keep pancakes from tearing apart in the pan. The strength of each pan is different. Having a wide variety of pans will quickly and conveniently accommodate different cooking methods for each dish. But if you have to choose to use a single pan Teflon pans will be the first choice in mind. Below are HomeGuru‘s favorite nonstick pans, including Tefal Teflon pan, Seagull Teflon pan, and Zebra Teflon pan that make cooking easy. Suppose you don’t know which brands of Teflon pan to buy. HomeGuru has the answer for you.

• What the difference between Teflon pans and other pans?

1. Normal frying pans
2. Non-stick coating pans

• Which brand of Teflon pan should you choose?

1. Popular brand, Tefal Teflon Pan
2. Seagull Teflon Pan that many people trust
3. Famous brand of Thai kitchen, Zebra Teflon Pan

• What the difference between Teflon pans and other pans?

As for the pans commercially available in the market today, they can be divided into two main types: normal frying pans and non-stick coating pans. Each type of pan can be further subdivided, so before choosing a brand of Teflon pans. Let’s get a basic knowledge of how Teflon pans are different from other pans.

1. Normal frying pans


1.1 Cast-iron pan and Teflon pan

This pan with good heat dissipation properties is suitable for people who like to cook a lot or cook professionally. You can use them for almost all types of food, especially fried and stir-fried dishes. It can hold a lot of oil, can set fire to flood without fear of pan breaking or deformation. It has the advantages of high durability, unlike Teflon pans, but at the same time, they are heavy and tend to rust quickly.

1.2 Aluminium pan and Aluminium grill pan vs Teflon pan

The pan style is similar to a cast-iron pan but weighs less. There is rarely a problem with rust and has a coating that reduces burning food on the pan problem. You can use a large amount of oil in cooking. It distributes heat well but usually does not retain heat for long, but increases heat more than a Teflon pan. As for the aluminum grill pan, it is specially designed for cooking grilled food.

1.3 Stainless steel pan vs Teflon pan

It is another popular type of frying pan and is well known. This pan is not suitable for stir-frying and frying dishes, as it cannot withstand high heat. It will cause burns in the pan if you make fried menus. This type of pan is suitable for cooking boiled and steamed dishes that use low heat temperatures. It is different from the Teflon pan, which focuses on a cooking type of frying without oil.

1.4 Brass frying pan vs Teflon pan

This frying pan is quite expensive because it is durable and has a long service life. It has good thermal conductivity and provides evenly heated food, making the food look beautiful, and there is no problem with burning food on the pan. Therefore, it is a pan that is more suitable for baking than a pan for cooking savory dishes, which is different from a Teflon pan.

2. Non-stick coating pans


2.1 Marble-coated pan or Diamond-coated pan vs Tefllon pan

This pan is considered to be the closest to Teflon. The highlight of a marble-coated or diamond-coated pan is that the food will not stick to the pan. And you can choose to use or not use oil for cooking, which is the same feature as the Teflon pan. But the difference is that a marble-coated pan or a diamond-coated pan is more durable. At the same time, it is thicker, heavier, and can heat longer but slower than a Teflon pan. And the price is much higher.

2.2 Ceramic coated pan vs Teflon pan

A Ceramic coated pan is another type of coated frying pan that does not cause rust problems and is durable. The bottom of the pan is thick, so it can retain heat well and can dissipate heat quickly. It is heat-resistant and holds more heat than a Teflon pan, but it heats more slowly than a Teflon pan. Also, while cooking, it may not be as slippery as using a Teflon pan.

2.3 Titanium frying pan vs Teflon pan

As for the titanium frying pan, it is another option for those on a relatively large budget. Titanium is a durable, lightweight, non-reactive metal. It can withstand extreme temperatures and corrosion. Therefore, titanium as a coating of cookware is consequently quite expensive. Some brands may add additional titanium coatings from the other base coatings. It makes the titanium frying pan more durable and better heat dissipation compared to regular Teflon pans.

2.4 Brands of Teflon pan

The Teflon pan is a moderately strong skillet compared to other pans. Suitable for non-heavy cooking, stir-fried dishes, or low-fat dishes. But the limitation of the Teflon pan is that you must use it with a spatula or utensils made of plastic, silicone, or wood. Because if using a steel spatula, it may scratch the pan’s surface until the coating peel.

Today’s Teflon pans are available in a wide variety of sizes and brands. Well-known and popular brands such as Tefal Teflon pans, Seagull Teflon pans, Zebra Teflon pans are available in many different models. Plus, there are many promotions all the time. There are several main factors to consider when deciding whether to select a brand of Teflon pans.

• Recommend brand of Teflon pan

When choosing a Teflon pan, the primary factors are the thickness of the coating material that will allow good heat retention, the speed of heat transfer of the pan, the energy consumption, or the dispersion of the temperature. And the last one is the ease of cleaning the pan. Conversely, an easier way is to buy from a brand with a certified production standard and a reliable material.

1. Popular brand, Tefal Teflon Pan

Tefal is another brand that is especially appealing to health-conscious housewives, as most Tefal pans are coated pans without worrying about burning food. There is also a wide variety of pans to choose from, covering all food menus such as deep Teflon Tefal pans, Induction bottom pans, Flat bottom pans, etc.

Today, Tefal has incorporated three technologies to make cooking easier: Thermo Signal, red dot on the pan that shows the right temperature to start cooking, Anti-Scratch, non-stick coating to prevent scratches. It helps the Teflon pan last longer. And innovation to distribute heat evenly without burning food Thermo-Fusion Plus, importantly, you can use it with all types of stoves.


กระทะเทฟล่อน tefal กระทะเทฟล่อนยี่ห้อไหนดี กระทะเทฟล่อน

2. Seagull Teflon Pan that many people trust

Seagull, a well-known Thai brand, is another trendy quality brand due to its wide variety of pans and cookware. This brand’s product is made of quality materials, strength, and durability. Seagull Teflon pan has now developed a new type of pan bottom with innovative Energy Net Induction that you can use on all types of stoves. Also, each model has a thickness that can dissipate heat well, making every menu delicious.

กระทะเทฟล่อน seagull

กระทะเทฟล่อนยี่ห้อไหนดี กระทะเทปล่อน กระทะเทฟล่อน

3. Famous brand of Thai kitchen, Zebra Teflon Pan

Zebra brand or Zebra kitchenware is another brand of cookware that Thai people have been trusted and known for a long time. It is famous for stainless steel cookware. Nowadays, there are many styles of pans, each model has different specifications, but you can assure in the quality of materials and manufacturing technology. For Teflon pan, the Zebra brand has a thick Teflon coating to withstand heat very well.

In addition to the three brands mentioned above, there are also various Teflon pans that we have not mentioned, each with different qualities, strengths, and durability.

กระทะเทฟล่อน tefal

From all the information that HomeGuru has summarized, you can see that each model and brand have different advantages. Therefore, before choosing a brand of Teflon pans, you should study the details of each brand on the label, including the warranty. And if anyone is looking for a reasonably priced kitchen set with a quality guarantee, they can come in and buy it at HomePro online. www.homepro.co.th or at every HomePro branch You can contact us via Call Center: 1284.

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