For any home that does not have an air fryer, many people may be startled that cooking with an oil-free fryer necessitates the use of an oil-free frying container, isn’t it? Is it possible to merely put the ingredients in it? Some meals, for example, crispy pork, French fries, sun-dried pork, and fried chicken with fish sauce, can be put in pieces. Can be grilled without utensils in an air fryer. This equipment, however, is required for some dishes, such as oil-free omelets, bread, and cakes, as molds or to support the food. So, which container should you use with the air fryer, and which one is safe to use? HomeGuru, as always, has an answer for everyone.

● Recommended containers for use with air fryers.

1. What are the safest containers for an air fryer?
2. What materials cannot be used as an oil-free fryer container?


● What are the safest containers for an air fryer? 

The containers placed in the oil-free fryers tend to melt near the grill in our fryers, as seen by customer evaluations found on a variety of websites. We may not be able to remove the melted plastic from plastic or Styrofoam cartons, for example. The chemicals and melting plastic scent may linger long after unpacking, until a warning is issued, in our oil-free fryers. As a precaution, we’ve included a question regarding the oil-free fryer container, and now we’ll see which one is superior.

1. A stainless-steel frying pans

Many individuals are already familiar with stainless steel. Just like a saucepan, spoon, or fork, it’s something we already have in our kitchen. As a container for oil-free fryers that are extremely safe, stainless steel is an excellent choice. Both are extremely durable, resistant to corrosion, and resistant to heat. safe for consumption, Contains no odors, flavors, or other traces of food. A wide variety of stainless-steel oil-free fryers is available nowadays. In order to get the most out of your purchase, be sure to check all the operating instructions and safety precautions before making your final decision.

2. Glass food container

If the bowl or cup is too thin, you risk breaking it when you put it in the fryer. It’s easy to buy, but not a common glass bowl or cup. A container for an oil-free fryer should be made of thick glass with an ovenproof mark.  For this reason, it has been specifically built to withstand extreme temperatures. The height and width must be just correct to fit in our air fryers, otherwise, you’ll have to return and buy it again, which will cost you a lot of money.

3. Ceramic container

The ceramic material can resist temperatures of up to 660 degrees, therefore the oil-free fryer can be used at any temperature. However, when using ceramic utensils, it’s important to keep in mind that the patterned area of the cup may become hot enough to break our ceramic cup during baking. Because of this, it is safer to employ a pattern that does not have a pattern.


4. Aluminum foil container

You can use foil cups, foil pans, and foil baking sheets in an oil-free fryer, so make sure you buy from a reputable manufacturer to safeguard your safety. Cooking food in the fryer requires caution when using foil to cover it because it can restrict the flow of air. The foil should not be placed in the fryer unwrapped or over food, since air will draw the foil in and attach it to the heating coil, resulting in a fire.

5. Silicone food container

It is important to note that when using silicone, it should be a true silicone mold that can endure temperatures of 215-230 degrees Fahrenheit, with a maximum temperature of 260 degrees Fahrenheit. The fryer without oil should be used as directed by the recipe and with a heat that does not exceed the temperature listed; nevertheless, when shopping, be sure to consider the silicone’s properties before making a purchase to ensure that the oil-free fryer is safe to use.

6. Parchment paper

If you’re using parchment paper for baking, you’ll need to utilize it as a container for oil-free fryers. Because of the silicone layer that protects the parchment paper, it can endure temperatures of 215-230 degrees Celsius. The foil should be handled with the same care, as it will obstruct the air route if it isn’t cut to the proper size. It’s critical not to place parchment paper unwrapped or on top of it.

7. Banana leaf as a food container

Banana leaves can also be used to store oil-free fryers. It can also be wrapped or laid on top of parchment paper or foil. It will help to fill our menu with old-style Thai food, smell the smell of banana leaves, but there is a caution for using banana leaves, which is that they should not be used with dishes that require too high a temperature and must not be utilized absolutely. Because dried banana leaves are no different than regular excellent paper in terms of causing burns. Also, keep in mind that the banana leaves used for serving meals should not be so large that they obstruct the air passageways inside.

No matter how hot the above containers are, it’s time to take them out of the oil-free fryer once they’ve been placed in it. If you don’t have gloves or a handle, your hands will swell if you try to handle hot objects without them.

ภาชนะใส่หม้อทอดไร้น้ำมัน ภาชนะใส่หม้อทอดไร้น้ำมัน ภาชนะใส่หม้อทอดไร้น้ำมัน

● What materials cannot be used as an oil-free fryer container? 

Look at some items that aren’t allowed to be used in a microwave or air fryer and see if you can figure out how to utilize them as containers that can be used in both. Let’s wait and see if we’re genuinely misunderstood before assuming anything.


1. Microwave container plastic

Microwavable containers, even if they state they can be used for oil-free fryers, don’t mean they can be used for plastic food containers. Frozen food packs in convenience stores and supermarkets are also outlawed because of the dangers they pose. There will undoubtedly be a headache issue as a result of the plastic box melting and sticking in the oil-free fryer.

2. Foam container for food

Styrofoam cartons and other foam materials are not permitted in the microwave or oven, and they are also not permitted as a container for oil-free deep-frying machines. Do not, under any circumstances, unintentionally turn on the heat.

3. Plastic hot bag

Can I use a hot bag to line the oil-free fryer if I don’t have the suggested foil or parchment paper? Even if they are referred to as “hot bags,” this does not imply that they are capable of withstanding all sorts of heat. Our oil-free fryers will definitely smell like plastic if we heat the hot bags, which are also plastic.

4. Paper

Plain paper can be used in place of the bag if it doesn’t heat up. Because paper is flammable, visualizing that we are burning it over a fire would be quite dangerous. For baking and cooking, wax paper is advised.


To avoid any bad repercussions, we should read the product information before purchasing the container used with the air fryer. Furthermore, what is prohibited from being used as a container for an oil-free fryer should not be used for experimenting, and both an oil-free fryer and such prohibited materials should be kept out of the reach of children to avoid it. Prevent the dangers that will inevitably follow. Finally, I’d like to encourage you to follow HomeGuru‘s knowledge so you don’t miss out on useful ideas and information on the house. See you at any HomePro location, or purchase online at  In addition, for more information, please call the Call Center at 1284.

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