Weather and sunlight in our home is considered hotter than anywhere else in the world. Therefore, preventing sunlight from entering the house is something that every host should pay attention to. Window shields come in a variety of styles. Whether there are different types of curtains and many styles of blinds which may make many people wonder and still cannot decide. HomeGuru will help resolve questions and advise you on how to buy. Buy different types of curtains and blinds to shading in style. So that you can choose to suit your needs and usage styles. There are four types of window shielding devices according to the following characteristics: Curtain, Folding curtain, Roller blinds and Blinds.


1. Curtain

Side open curtains are the most widely used style. It is popular because it uses a wide variety of fabrics. There are many colors and patterns to choose from to match any home interior style. The side curtain has both the iris type. And curtain loop that is easy to install or as a rope pleated curtain that may require a technician who is skilled in installation. The advantage of this type of curtain is that it is ideal for darker rooms such as bedrooms by choosing a curtain made of thick, opaque, dark fabrics or install blackout curtains with opaque material installed outside with light-colored fabrics for rooms that need to block sunlight and need light as well. You may use light fabrics or fabrics that are not very thick so that the light can pass through. Blackout curtains also help create privacy from the eyes of the interior as well.


The disadvantage of using side curtains is to open and close the curtains. If you want to block light or create that privacy All curtains must be completely closed. Causing no ventilation holes or if using airy curtains that allow air to flow but will block less light and reduce privacy. In addition, the fabric used to make curtains is a dust collector. Therefore, it should be cleaned regularly Usually should be done every 3-6 months depending on the amount of dust in each area. Some fabrics can be washed by themselves. Some fabrics need to be dry-cleaned to prevent discoloration or shrinkage, which is an easy to use consideration when choosing. If there is a lot of dust, you may vacuum every week which can help extend the time between washing the curtains.

ผ้าม่าน ผ้าม่านจีบ ผ้าม่าน


2. Folding curtain

This curtain opens and closes vertically. There are various material and color options as well. It has gained widespread popularity because of its beauty and uniqueness. You can choose opaque or translucent fabrics according to the usage conditions. The advantage of a blinds is that the vertical opening and closing of the curtain allows good control over the position of the curtain when blocking sunlight. Sometimes it is not necessary to close the curtains completely to block the sunlight. The room is therefore bright and ventilated. You can choose different types of fabrics. Including blackout curtains to make folding curtains. But folding curtains have limitations in terms of fabric thickness. And fabric weight Because it is a open and closed system that uses rope.

Therefore, the use of thick and heavy fabrics May make opening and closing inconvenient as it should be thick or hard cloth. There is a chance that when the fold is opened, the fabric does not fold down along the fold. Another disadvantage of folding curtains is dust retention, like other curtains. Therefore, it should be cleaned regularly every 3-6 months. In addition, opening the curtains that have been folded for a long time may cause dust, dirt or insects to get into the nook of the curtain.

ผ้าม่านพับ ผ้าม่านพับ ผ้าม่านพับ


3. Roller blinds

This type of curtain is popular for its slim shape to give it a modern look. Suitable for homes that are decorated in modern style. Vertical blinds can control the opening and closing position to block the sunlight without having to close the curtain completely like a side open curtain. The advantage of roller blinds is that most of the roller blinds are opened and closed systems. Makes it easy to open and close. Roller blinds often use thin fabrics or plastic fabrics because of the limitations of the roll system. Standardized roller blinds are easy to maintain. And it is also considered as a curtain that is easy to install. The disadvantage of roller blinds is that they cannot be removed for cleaning. Although, roller blinds can be dusted or vacuumed, they are easier to clean by themselves than other curtains. But in the long run, the dirt accumulates in it, making it look dull and not beautiful.

ผ้าม่านม้วน ผ้าม่านม้วน ผ้าม่านม้วน


4. Blinds

Blinds are a completely different light protection device from curtains. The blinds come in a variety of materials that are warm and contemporary, suitable for residential use: real wood, PVC and vinyl. The latter two materials are plastic that can reproduce colors and textures similar to natural wood. Therefore, suitable for living. The distinctive feature of the blinds is that they open for ventilation while blocking out sunlight or creating privacy at the same time, which is perfect for our home climate. It helps to ventilate the house to cool and comfortable when the air conditioner is not turned on. The adjustable blinds allow you to control the amount of light that enters your home. Blinds can also be cleaned up to the end of the curtain. Just wipe it clean. But wiping each of the blinds can be a time consuming task.

The disadvantage of the blinds is the problem of light entering inside. Because the blinds use the blades to block the light While closed, there will be a small groove. Which cannot obscure the light to make the room completely dark. Although, the light did not shine directly in. But we can see the light between the gaps of the blinds. In addition, the light shade blinds will reflect more light into the groove between the leaves. Causing more light to be reflected into the interior. Therefore, blinds should not be used in rooms that require complete darkness such as bedroom.

มู่ลี่ PVC มู่ลี่ ไวนิล มู่ลี่ ไวนิล


Currently, there are ready-made curtains and blinds that can be easily installed by themselves. There are various patterns and there are various size options that are suitable for general house window sizes ready-made curtains and blinds are inexpensive compared to made to order. You can also easily modify the look of your home. By changing the curtains or blinds by yourself, HomeGuru would like to say that HomePro has ready-made curtains and blinds in a variety of contemporary patterns including various devices Used to assemble a complete set of curtains such as curtain rods, curtain rings, etc.

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