If you’re worried about the evaporative fan brand, you can rest easy knowing that this article will arm you with useful information on this topic. When deciding whether to buy an air cooler, the differences between an air cooler and a steam fan are taken into consideration because there are so many features and brands to pick from these days. Let’s take a look at HomeGuru if someone has it available. If you follow these tips, you’ll be able to find a high-quality evaporative fan brand that’s worth the money.

• Evaporative fan brands, a savior for this summer, we must have!

1. Steam fan vs. air cooler comparison
2. Is this a good cooling fan, or would a steam fan be preferable?
3. Open a list of the best evaporative fan brands.

• Steam fan vs. air cooler comparison

It’s impossible to adapt to the heat in a nation like Thailand, even if you’ve lived there your entire life, but the electricity cost can’t be fought by constantly running the air conditioner. As a result, many individuals prefer to use an air cooler or steam fan instead of a regular fan. The two types of fans, air coolers and steam fans, both have advantages and disadvantages, and many people aren’t sure which is better. Let’s begin by examining the distinctions and benefits and drawbacks of the two primary types of fans.


1. Get to know the steam fan

A steam fan or mist fan is a fan that can be plainly seen since it simultaneously expels steam when it is operated. As a steam chute, it can help textile mills reduce ammonia in the air, cut down on energy consumption and static electricity on the manufacturing line. Because of this, the majority of steam fans are utilized in manufacturing facilities to meet production standards, as well as in outdoor or open spaces for greater air circulation, cooler, and better ventilation. To avoid water droplets forming due to the lack of air circulation, you can use a steam fan in your home as long as it is in a place where there is a constant flow of air.

2. Get to know the air cooler

In order to cool the machine, the Evaporative Cooling System uses a fan to draw in hot air from around the machine and circulate it over the cooling pad. Wind that flows out of the evaporative fan is cooler than air that is drawn in because water evaporates, drawing heat from the air and dissipating it. Additionally, some air coolers use ice to cool the room, making them ideal for usage at home or in well-ventilated areas.


• Is this a good cooling fan, or would a steam fan be preferable?

A steam fan is better than a cooling fan in this situation. Even yet, some people may still be debating whether or not to purchase an air cooler, which type to purchase, or whether or not to get a large steam fan. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of both types of fans first if you’re still unsure.

1. Pros and cons of steam fans

A steam fan is a fantastic alternative to air conditioning because it is less expensive than air conditioners and is ideal for people who wish to chill open spaces, outdoor spaces, or huge rooms. Portable, making it ideal for a variety of locations.

There is a downside to using a steam fan instead of an air conditioner. Compared to a standard fan, this one cost more. It is necessary to replenish the water tank continuously and to clean the water tank on a regular basis during use. A well-ventilated, non-opaque, humidity-free space is required for the steam fan to be used indoors, but it can be used in the home if the conditions are right. Use only in the summer, not during the rainy season or in the winter when the weather is already sweltering. People with respiratory difficulties should take caution while using a steam fan since it introduces water vapor and moisture into the body. This can exacerbate symptoms or potentially lead to pneumonia.

2. Pros and cons of air cooler

If you’re wondering whether or not an air cooler is beneficial, I’m here to tell you that it is! Due to the fact that evaporative fans can cool down heated air to 10 degrees Celsius, they can be used anyplace. These devices can either be used as a water-filling system, or they can be connected directly to the device via a water-tap connection. No water droplets generate dampness like a steam fan, but it does provide natural fresh air, aids in the dissipation of hot air, and allows for good odor ventilation and dust trapping.

Some drawbacks of the evaporative fan include the necessity to keep refilling the machine with water and cleaning the water tank, as well as the fact that it costs more than a standard fan and has less cooling power, making it inconvenient to operate.


• Open a list of the best evaporative fan brands.

Many people have already decided whether or not an evaporative fan is a good idea after reading this article, and their next logical inquiry is what evaporative fan brand they should use. HomeGuru is willing to help gather famous like the hatari evaporative fan and the masterkool evaporative fan that are selling well. Let’s go see it if you’re up for it!


พัดลมไอเย็น HATARI

AC Pro’s Hatari Evaporative Fan sells well even without traction because of its adjustable wind power, front light, and three brightness settings. Fill Water system and warning lights are provided when tank water levels fall below a predetermined level. The screen indicates current temperature and may change colors as requested. There are up to four distinct colors to pick from, such as whites, blues, pinks, and greens. If there is a leak, the automatic shut-off THERMAL FUSE and ELCB system will cut off the power immediately, allowing you to set the timer for up to 8 hours without fear of electrocution. TIS 934-2558 and ISO 9001 standards provide clarity for customers who aren’t sure which cooling fan model to buy.



In this case, we’re looking at the Hatari Evaporative Fan AC Classic. This is the evaporative fan for you if you have respiratory problems. The ionizer technology, which creates negative ions to trap dust particles in the air, lowers the device’s humidity, resulting in cooler air with no odor. High-quality wood pulp coated with Teflon is used to make the large CelPad water diffuser. There are four levels of wind speed control, a left-right swing, and an 8-hour timer. A long-lasting, high-efficiency motor with a FILL WATER warning light that illuminates when the water level in the tank drops. Environmental management system standard ISO 14001 and safety standard TIS 934-2558 have been met.



Controlling the temperature of the Hatari Evaporative Fan model AC TURBO1 is as simple as using the temperature display’s touch or remote. Auto-on/off may be set for 8 hours and the wind power can be adjusted to 5 levels. COOL technology enhances the cold air strength and humidity reduction mechanism in the gadget to keep it cool and odorless. The long life of the machine is made possible by the great efficiency of the fan motor. In the event of a leak, the production process incorporates an ELCB system that instantly shuts down the electricity.


พัดลมไอเย็น MASTERKOOL

Excellent modern design with LED display screen and touch control panel for the Masterkool Evaporative Fan model MIK-14EX. Can be set to shut down for up to 8 hours, with a remote control that can be used to modify intensity and lower the temperature by 5-15 degrees Celsius. Water disinfection and ozone system operations are covered by the 13-liter tank, which may be used for 10-13 hours at a time. Saves money on power because it only requires 0.22 baht/hr. (80 watts) and has a warning light and automatic pump cutoff when the water runs out. It is also made of sturdy ABS plastic. I’ll inform anyone who’s still unsure about which cooling fan to get that this one does the trick.



Using the Masterkool Evaporative Fan, which has a 23-liter water tank, you can use it continuously for 5-9 hours and only pay 0.36 baht/hour for power. The touch panel and remote control allow for fine-tuning of the cooling level, wind speed, tilt angle, and tilt angle of the fan to cover a range of up to 25 square meters. Auto-hygrostat controls humidity levels, an ozone system deters bacteria growth, an alarm system detects low water levels, and the ABS material provides long-lasting durability.



With a 62-decibel noise level with touch screen and timed controls, the Masterkool Evaporative Fan, model MIK-70EX, efficiently cools while remaining virtually silent. Take a look at the machine and turn it on and off. Whoever is deciding on the greatest cooling fan to utilize for a lengthy period of time must pick this model! To put it another way, because the tank can hold 93 L of water, it has 4 cooling panels, it can be used constantly for 10-17 hours, and it consumes only 0.96 baht per hour of electricity. According to the manufacturer, it can save up to 10 times more electricity than air conditioners, has three levels of wind power, can cool far, and can cover an area of up to 50 square meters. In addition, it contains a mechanism to prevent water from evaporating, an ozone system to destroy bacteria in the water, and a pump shutoff when the water runs out.

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If you’re still unclear about how to pick an evaporative fan brand, I encourage you to pick one out for yourself and see if you can figure it out. HomeGuru suggests that you visit a branch of HomePro near your home, or shop online by browsing www.homepro.co.th. Contact the HomePro Call Center at 1284 for additional details.

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