Water pump is a very important help for the home. Even if it is a two-story home or more, having a water pump will help fix the problem of soft water flow or does not flow for the upper floor of the house well. It can be said that the electric water pump is a solution to various problems, soft water flow that is not enough to use. Which today HomeGuru will bring you to know more about the water pump along with some cool tricks that will allow you to buy automatic pump . It can be used in the house which is suitable and most needs.


For choosing a water pump for home use. How to choose is not just buying according to the size of the pump. But there are other elements that you should know before deciding to buy as well.
1. Choose from the category of the current water pump
2. Choose from the size of water pump suitable for home
3. Choose by calculating the water consumption in the house
4. Choose a pump base on the characteristics of the house and residence
5. Choose an installation place that suit the water pump


Choose from the category of the current water pump

Today, there are various types of pumps that are used in houses and buildings. But if separated by behavior, it can be classified into 3 main types which are

1. Automatic water pump, pressure tank type

It is also called high pressure water pump . By the operation of this type of pump, the method is used to allow water to replace the air. Then let the air pressure inside the pump push the water out to different parts, which this type of water pump is highly durable, cheap and easy to buy spare parts in the market. But there is a limit that it is unable to provide consistent water pressure. If the water is turn on at the same time at many points, it will cause the strength of the water flowing out not the same and sometimes the machine will shut down itself.


2. Automatic water pump, constant pressure type

It is a square shape, has a modern shape that provides a more consistent water pressure than a pressure tank type. But at a higher price, there is also an automatic water control function with a pressure switch that can control the water pressure to be constant, including checking the changes and setting the pressure of the water as needed. It is suitable for homes or buildings that use multiple water points that want the water pressure to be uniformly strong.

3. Automatic water pump, inverter type

It is a water pump that is similar to a constant pressure water pump, energy saving. There is an inverter system that helps control the operation of the motor according to usage, so it is a pump that can control both the water supply and electric power. But it has a higher price than the constant pressure type water pump.


Choose from the size of water pump suitable for home

Generally, the electric water pump that is available in the market. They are suitable for different applications. So look at the size of the water pump that is considered an important problem that will help you to choose the right pump for your home.

• 300 Watts water pump is a large water pump. So it should be used with houses that are no more than 4 floors, which can use 3 points of water at the same time and use 2 water heaters at the same time.
• 250 Watts pump, it can be used for houses up to 4 floors, using 3 points of water at the same time and 1 water heater.
• 200 Watts pump is suitable for homes that are no more than 3 floors, which can use water at the same time, in total, including 1 water heater.
• If you choose to use a water pump with a size of 150 Watts, it should be used for a house that is no more than 2 floors, with 2 water points at the same time and a water heater.
• The small 100 Watts water pump is the smallest water pump for home use. Suitable for homes that are no more than 2 floors and use only 2 points of water.

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Choose by calculating the water consumption in the house

Although choosing a water pump will be able to choose from the size of the device. But if you want to be certain in choosing the most suitable water pump, you should try calculate the water consumption in the house first. What kind of pump will suit your home? Do not forget that the water consumption behavior of each house is different. It can calculated as follow:

1. Use the water-based peak as the standard

The first step is to calculate which pump to use. Consider from the highest point of the house, how many floors? How high is it? For example, if a 2-story house, the water pump’s water delivery distance should be approximately 7 meters, because usually a 1-story house has a rough average height of 3.5 meters.

2. Calculate from simultaneous water consumption

Typically, a typical faucet has an average water supply rate of 9 liters / minute. So try to figure out how many points are there for the average water supply in your home. The calculation formula is average water supply x number of points simultaneous use. For example, if there are 7 water points at your home, but they use the same time on weekends and holidays at 4 points, then 4 x 7 = 28 means that on average, if your home uses water at the same time, it will be the volume is equal to 28 liters / minute.

3. Think from the accommodation, how many floors are there?

The calculation before choosing the electric water pump is the last step. See how many floors the house has and how much watts the water pump should have? As previously mentioned, for example, if it is 1 2-story house, it should be used with a pump with a pressure of 100 – 200 watts. A water transmission distance of at least 7 meters (according to no. 1) and can supply water not low, more than 28 liters / minute (according to no. 2).


Choose a pump base on the characteristics of the house and residence

Another method of choosing an automatic water pump For use in homes or residences, for example, if it is a 2-story townhouse with 2-3 bathrooms, a pump with a size of 100 – 150 watts is considered sufficient for use. Or if it is a 2-story detached house with a kitchen, garden and bathroom with hot water up to 3 rooms, as well as a point with more water taps than a townhouse. You may choose to use a water pump with a size of 200 – 250 watts. Because it can support more water. It makes the water pressure equal enough strength at all points and there will be no problem with slow or too soft water flow etc.


Choose an installation place that suit the water pump

Installing an electric water pump should be a preliminary point that is suitable for the house. Make sure it is airy, able to connect to water pipes and water tanks correctly.

• Install on the level of the ground, under the eaves of a house or building and that area must not have flood.
• The electric water pump should not be installed too close to the wall. Because usually the water pump is hot while working. It should be well ventilated, so it should be installed at a distance of about 15 cm. from the wall to facilitate maintenance and heat transfer.
• Do not install in areas that need peace such as bedroom, prayer room, office, because some houses may use water frequently, causing the water pump to work almost 24 hours, which may disturb members of the house.
• The water supply pipe for supplying water must be connected to the water tank. After that, connect to the water pump. Which size of the water tank is suitable? Use the number of members in the house x 200 liters / day / person. For example, if there are 6 members in total, it will be 6 x 200 = 1,200 liters / day. Therefore, the water tank should have a volume greater than the average amount of water used by members. And you should have a bucket in case that the water does not flow for about 2-3 days. If there are about 6 members, the suitable water tanks are 3,600 – 4,000 liters.

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When you have tips and how to choose the water pump from HomeGuru that already has been filled. Be sure to take it and analyze what you should choose before choosing an electric water pump in order to get the best and suitable pump for your home. Most importantly, if you are looking for an automatic pump that has good price with great promotions, try to buy it at HomePro, you will definitely get the right pump at the price you like.

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