This is one problem that many homes have to find answers before buying a good and cheap mattress and match with the different sleeping lifestyles of their family members. Nowadays, mattresses not only have softness or firmness properties. But also have new innovations which can help the health problems, such as health mattresses, Anti dust mite mattress, Anti bacteria mattress, anti-virus mattress. Therefore, every home should pay more attention in choosing mattress. But which mattress is good for everybody health? Today HomeGuru has good techniques for choosing a good and inexpensive mattress without consulting a doctor

Which mattress is good for health?

One third of each day is sleeping. Therefore, choosing the right mattress is very important. memory foam mattress, spring mattress, or latex mattress, which one is good for a good night sleep and an excellent recovery ability no need to worry about health problems such as, back pain problem which can happen to all sexes and ages, choosing a mattress depends on many factors as follow


Mattress and room size is the first factor we should consider. Should select the mattress size suitable with using and room size. Weather it should choose a single bed (Twin Size, Single Size), 3.5 feet or twin beds (Queen Size, King Size), 5 -6 feet. Prevent using too much space.

Mattress’s types. Nowadays there are many popular types of mattresses, such as spring mattress, latex mattress and memory foam mattress. it must be chosen according to the needs and sleeping lifestyle of each person.

The softness and firmness of the mattress. A good mattress should be soft and firm. Able to embrace all our body well. It also depends on the preferences, the body and weight of each sleeper. Should Choose the right one for prevent the caused of back pain and waist pain while sleeping. More importantly, when using it for a while, we should reserve the mattress has collapsed or not. if the collapse occurs, should find accessories like sleeping pads to cover or change a new mattress to prevent the cause of back pain

Accessories for mattresses such as mattress pads is for health. In addition to provide softness throughout sleep also help relieve back pain and help extend the life of the mattress for a longer period as well

ที่นอน topper

I have a lot of back pain. I want a new mattress. Which mattress can solve this problem?

Everyone has different sleeping habits. Some people like firm or soft mattress. but no matter what type you like. We have the best one for you. especially the mattress that affects your health or the mattress group (Healthcare), which we should not be overlooked.

ที่นอนยี่ห้อไหนดี ไม่ปวดหลัง

Anti-virus mattress HLS brand, Elegance series

This is one good choice for new normal life which can make everyone in the family feel confident and safe while sleeping. Because of the outstanding features of Anti-virus and anti dust mites.


HLS brands., Venezia series

This feature is the same as Anti-virus mattress, but the different is the fabric. It from 100% bamboo pulp (Knitting Bamboo) softness of nature while sleeping. Also protect the mattress from bacteria and the unpleasant smell


HLS Organic Cotton brands, Enigma series

The good and inexpensive mattress. Not only can prevent dust mites, but the material of mattress is one thing that every home has to pay attention to. Such as Enigma mattress. The highlight of the cover fabric is Cotton Organic through the process of growing from organic farms in every steps. Then combines with the technology of weaving natural fibers. This can help the mattress free from chemicals and contamination and helps family members sleep well and safe without chemicals.

ที่นอน ที่นอน เตียง ที่นอนลดราคา

ที่นอนยางพาราแท้ ยี่ห้อไหนดี

Massage Foam Mattress, HLS brand, Wisdom series

The Wisdom mattress is a new choice for everyone in the family with back pain problem or don’t have enough time to go to a massage. Because with the special features which is called

Massage Foam: A special type of sponge mattress that was developed to the texture of a massage button. Make family members feel like they are getting an instant massage when lying down, cover with a flexible knitting fabric. Does not cause irritation to the skin.


HLS brand with Calista series

For anyone who likes a spring mattress with high flexible, strong, and durable features, even used for a long time. the Calista HLS mattress is good choice. in addition to helping your health, the cover design is outstanding with the dark tone colour, give a feeling of elegance, strength, not easy to mess. it also has a space Air Circulation, allowing the air to circulate inside the mattress better, not musty and still cool on the outside surface. sleeping more comfortable.

ที่นอน 3.5 ฟุต ที่นอน 5 ฟุต ที่นอน 6 ฟุต


All these factors which HomeGuru mention above. Is the thing we should consider. whether the size and type of the mattress (the healthy mattress, protect dust mite’s mattress) and please don’t forget to consider the quality of the mattress. should compare the price too. because the mattress is a long-time used furniture. should choose a good quality mattress and suitable with your sleep lifestyle with an affordable price.

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