Diffused dust is difficult to eliminate. No matter how often we sweep dust off the house, it keeps spreading around the house. An electric appliance might be a good tool to help you with cleaning, for instance a Vacuum Cleaner, which can help save your time and energy, reduce the spread of dust and also help you prevent allergies or respiratory disease. Presently, vacuum cleaner technologies have been developed to cover all functions and suitable for use in each area. One of them is the cordless vacuum cleaner that is popularly used. If you are not sure which brand of vacuum cleaner or what type to buy, HomeGuru can guide you and help to decide.

How does a vacuum clean works?

Generally, a vacuum cleaner consumes electricity at 700 W – 1600 W, which is using suction power to help absorb dust in a wide area or in a small, narrow area. There are 3 main types of vacuuming: direct vacuum, vibration vacuum and rotating brush vacuum. Each type of vacuum has a built-in air filtration system which has a filter dust by motor filter with anti-bacterial coating before removing dust to the dust bin of the machine. Initially, 10 microns of dust will be filtered before 0.6 microns, reducing the spreading of dust through the air.

Types of Vacuum Cleaner

  • Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

A cordless vacuum cleaner that is popularly used, because a cordless vacuum cleaner can use energy from the stored electricity that has been charged. It can vacuum in many areas as such as inside the car, carpet, furniture, etc. It is a handheld vacuum cleaner which is compact, with a hand grip, and light weight. So it is convenient to use for all areas.

  • Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner

A cyclone vacuum cleaner has 2 types of air cleaning systems: cyclone suction power, uses centrifugal force like a storm, to vacuum dust and store it in the tank that can hardly come out. Another type is a paper bag to store dust just like trash bin. It stores dust and can be removed immediately after finish vacuuming. But be careful to use it, dust can easily spread out.

  • Water Filter Vacuum Cleaner

A water filter vacuum cleaner has high efficiency, designed to suck water or wet garbage immediately. There are special features in some models that use a cleaning nozzle and also blow the air to dry. Deciding to buy a water filter vacuum cleaner is suitable for office, factory, hotel and wide area without obstructions.

Things to consider before buying a vacuum cleaner

Buying a vacuum cleaner is not just because it is the one you like or it is a popular brand. You need to consider many factors. Buying a vacuum cleaner you need to think of the size, electric power that is suitable for the area. In addition, you need to know the vacuum cleaner spare parts such as dust bag, brush roll, including maintaining the vacuum cleaner for maximum efficiency.

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