Building a house has many subtleties and details. Many parts of the house may seem unnecessary, can be with or without, for example, Rain Gutter which often asks why you need to install but rarely get a real answer. This makes most homeowners who want to reduce their budget for building a house choose to cut out this add-on. Which the results may not be worth the cost because installing a rain gutter can protect the house more than expected. In this article, “HomeGuru” would like to answer the question of why the house should be installed in the rain gutter along with introducing each material to make it easy to decide on the right rain gutter for your home.


Reasons for home that needs to install rain gutter

If you compare the rain gutter with the components on the face, it would be like a small lash line. But it protects the eyes from dust, insects and water spray is to help protect the building around the building from drizzle collects rainwater to flow from the roof into the sewer and has many benefits to the home such as


1. Help protect the walls and house paint

In the monsoon season of every year, there will be several periods when the rains poured down for several consecutive days. If not installed, rain gutter helps collect rainwater from the roof into the drain. The scattered water will damage the walls by accumulating moisture, causing water stains, black mold, or swollen paint.

2. Help protect the window frame

Materials used to make major window frames will be wood and aluminum. If the wood frames are repeatedly exposed to moisture from splashing rain, the moisture will cause the wood to swell, swell and warp or rust in the event that the jamb is metal and aluminum.

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3. Protect garden floor and fish pond

In the house, around the house as a lawn or with a water garden under the eaves. If the rain is heavy but there is no gutter, rainwater will flow along the roof groove directly to the grass and trees. The strength of the water can cause the soil to collapse into water holes, damaged tree. In addition, the rainwater washes away dust, smoke and dirt down the roof to dirty the fish pond as well.

4. Avoid creating problems with your neighbors

Houses built next to each other or to create a roof that rises above the neighboring home area without a rain gutter. If allowing rainwater to flow or splash into damage to other people’s area. Affected neighbors can sue for demolition. Therefore, rain gutter should be installed in order to avoid creating problems with neighbors.

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Choose the right rain gutter material for your home

Rain gutter materials are constantly developing materials and technology. In order to support good use, durability and beauty. You can choose from a variety of styles of homes in different price ranges as follows:

Zinc rain gutter

Zinc is a material that Thai people are familiar with and very popular in the early days. Because the cheapest price and finding a local technician is not difficult Rain gutter like this will have the process of forming by bringing the galvanized sheet folded or rolled and soldered to weld joints. The thickness of the galvanized sheet is available in different sizes. Suggest that a thickness of 0.5 mm or more should be selected. Zinc gutter is really low cost. But there is a disadvantage in beauty and may cause leakage problems or the zinc rusting.


Stainless steel rain gutter

Stainless steel gutter can be easily folded and formed. Suitable for use in areas where flexibility in size and shape is required, such as adjacent roof townhouses. There are many grades of stainless steel tracks available in the market. If a gutter with a service life of 10 years or more is required, look for Grade 304, which is thick, resistant to acids, alkalis and tropical climates (except for coastal areas with salt). The disadvantage of stainless steel rain gutter is that they have welds that may break. From rusting at the joints that are soldered with lead and should not be painted. This is because the stainless steel surface contains a thin chromium oxide film that maintains and corrosion resistance. If painted, it will reduce the properties in this section.

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Steel rain gutters coated with aluzinc or galvanized

Rain gutter coated steel galvanize or metal aluzinc has a light weight but strong, good corrosion resistance. It is a prefabricated track from the factory. Therefore, meeting the standard in terms of size and shape, can control the quality of joints Better than the welding method, it uses a clamp on the connection point and has a rubber seal. Makes it convenient to install and can make a variety of colors to suit the house also able to control standards.

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Fiberglass rain gutter

Fiberglass material is strong, resistant to water, sunlight, does not corrode, does not rust, the service life is quite long, more than 10 years. Thus, preventing the problem of leakage along the joints well. You can choose to order the length you want. Rain gutter colors are available in a variety of colors to suit the color scheme of the house and roof, such as white, gray, cream, brown. So it can easily blend into the house without changing the look of the house. Fiberglass rails are expensive and must be installed by a specialized technician.


Vinyl rain gutter

Vinyl gutter made from plastic (uPVC) grade for exterior use. The surface is smooth, it is beautiful. Like plastic, but stronger Its main features are no rust. Average service life of about 10 years. Tangible price of about 500-1,000 baht / meter (depending on the material grade and installation labor in each locality). Vinyl rain gutter come in all shapes, sizes and as far as color is determined at the factory. It is less available than fiberglass but is easier to install. However, it must be installed to meet the standard recommended by the manufacturer. Otherwise, warping may occur. And be careful not to use materials other than silicone as the connector. Because there may be a leak that will follow.


Rain gutter is a small component that are important to the home. Both in terms of functionality and to create aesthetics as a whole picture. Choosing to buy in addition, you have to look for materials and designs that match with your home style. You still need to study the function that the respective model rain gutter that answer the need for use, the amount of rain in our house is how much.

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