If you want to build a house. In addition to the structure and the door of the house. Another important element of the house is the windows, but which one to choose? When there are now a variety of windows to choose from and a variety of materials Especially, aluminum and uPVC or vinyl windows are so popular that many people may have a question, how are they different and what kind of windows to choose? Today HomeGuru has the answer.


Which window to choose? When you want to have a house?

For people building a house or want to renovate an old house to be a new home, you probably know that each house has a different style, design and decoration. Depending on the preferences of the homeowners Choosing a window is one of the problems that can cause many homeowners to hesitate. Because many people do not know at all What kind of windows can get good breeze or how to design open doors to prevent the house from heating including window material selection problems. Because each type of material has its advantages and disadvantages differently. Which is now a durable wood substitute material popular to make windows, it is inevitable that aluminum with uPVC or vinyl itself.


Which is the best choice for aluminum windows vs vinyl windows?

As I mentioned earlier, aluminum vs uPVC or vinyl windows are gaining immense popularity these days and have different pros and cons to know Which window to choose? I have to get to know these two windows first.

Aluminum window

Many people may already be familiar with aluminum windows. Because in Thailand, aluminum has been used as a material for producing doors, window replacement of wooden windows for 20-30 years, due to the fact that wood is increasingly rare. Lightweight, only 1/3 of the steel, makes it easy to slide it on and off. Strong resistant to corrosion or rust. It is able to withstand the climate in Thailand well, does not shrink, does not bend, is not easily broken. More importantly, it can be molded and colored in a variety of ways. The paint system has both anodize and powder coat paint, when scratching is easier to maintain than uPVC or vinyl windows.

หน้าต่าง Aluminum บานเลื่อ หน้าต่างอลูมิเนียม หน้าต่างอลูมิเนียม


UPVC or vinyl window

It is a window that is commonly used in cold weather areas. Because it can prevent cold weather entering the house as well. In other words, Able to block the air between outside and inside the house as well It has thermal insulation properties. The highlight lies in the manufacturing process that uses heat welding of corner flanges. To melt into one piece (Fusion welding) can prevent water leakage 100%, reducing noise from the outside. And is also more resistant to salinity from the sea than aluminum Locks are available in a wide variety and are more secure. But there is a disadvantage: A few colors to choose from It’s mostly white and the uPVC frame looks a lot thicker than aluminum. May not be suitable for a small room to see the outside very much.

หน้าต่าง UPVC บานเลื่อน ประตู UPVC หน้าต่าง UPVC

หน้าต่าง uPVC หรือไวนิล

Want to use it for a long time, which window to choose?

When you know the advantages and disadvantages of aluminum windows and uPVC windows or vinyl together. Choosing between these two materials wouldn’t be that difficult, right? But the next problem is there are different grades of both materials on the market. Buying materials or buying windows for durable windows. It can be used for a long time, worth the price, therefore need to rely on the following factors in buying.


Aluminum, choose to use correctly

Aluminum windows come in a variety of grades. Since the general market grade that the technician or contractor brings to the work site Up to grades produced from the standard factory. When choosing aluminum, consider the area that will be used. Because if choosing non-standard aluminum windows. There may be a water leak problem. The equipment is easily damaged. And vulnerable to being tampered with easily as well.

uPVC chooses the right way to use

As with aluminum, it is best to buy good grade uPVC or vinyl to prevent long-term use problems, uPVC has yellowing, cracks, cracking, or shrinking, and you should look for the RoHS and lead free certification mark, meaning uPVC is free from harmful substances, carcinogens, and lead to ensure your safety. Live in the house as well.

หน้าต่างแบบไหนรับลมดี หน้าต่างอลูมิเนียม หน้าต่าง UPVC


This is all good information for people who are confused about which window to choose? Between aluminum and uPVC, including how to select two materials to be standard It can be used for a long time, which HomeGuru hopes will be helpful and help everyone make easier decisions.

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