Wood Look Tile or vinyl rubber tile flooring is as popular as other materials, especially for today’s houses and condominiums. It is convenient to install by yourself within one day. Moreover, the pattern of the room floor is beautiful, luxurious, like a natural wooden floor. Which rubberwood floor can be used to decorate the bedroom floor, office, or living room in a minimalist, loft, or modern style perfectly. Without having to worry about termite problems that will come later. And today, HomeGuru will take every home to get to know about wood-patterned rubber tiles before deciding to buy and choose to install them.

What is Wood Look Tile?


Wood Look Tile or vinyl rubber tile is a house flooring material made from high-quality vinyl or PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride). Inside the rubber tile consists of the following structures:

  • PU Coating or the top layer of rubberwood floor that prevents water and UV light from sunlight. The surface is coated with polyurethane foam.
  • Wear Layer is the top surface that provides the durability, stain, and scratch-resistance of vinyl flooring.
  • Print Layer is a digital image of wood or an object other than wood such as in a laminate that appears as tile or stone.
  • Middle Layer is a durable, flexible, impact-resistant middle layer structure made of vinyl or PVC material.
  • Base Layer is the bottom layer structure or the base layer of rubberwood floor that will help the installed surface be effective, sticky, and not peeling.

Performance, sticky, does not fall off

Wood Look Tile is currently widely used and available in large quantities, especially wood-look rubber tiles that are commonly used to install in homes and condominiums. Because with outstanding features in functionality is high flexibility, resistance to moisture and pressure, easy to clean, and most importantly, easy to install by yourself.

Advantages of Wood Look Tile


1. Surface-like natural wood, wood tile is a material that feels and looks like natural wood with various patterns to choose from depending on the style of decorating the room.
2. Resistant to moisture, abrasion, impact, and pressure, because the structure of Wood Look Tile is thick, durable, and flexible, it helps prevent scratches during use and during furniture movement.
3. No problem with termites because the rubber tile or wood tile mixture does not contain wood.
4. The texture of Wood Look Tile is viscous, thus preventing slipping during use. If any home with family members, children, and the elderly, can choose to use the installation to prevent accidental danger.
5. Easy to install, convenient, which can be easily installed by yourself within one day. Just lay over the original material. There is no need to dismantle the old floor. The back of the wood tile and the laminated rubber floor are adhesive pads. Therefore, the surface must be clean and dry where the wood tile will be installed. If the floor is wet, the adhesive property will be reduced or cannot be installed.
6. Easy to maintain; just wipe clean with a damp cloth to help reduce dirt and black stains without using cleaning agents.
7. Inexpensive compared to natural wood flooring, with different prices to choose from depending on the pattern and mix of materials with varying properties in use.

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Disadvantages of Wood Look Tile


1. Must be installed on a level and even floor. Although the installation of rubber liming or wood tile is not difficult, the thing to be careful about is the original material surface must be leveled to be installed.
2. Wood Look Tile shrinkage, rubberwood floor shrinkage is likely to occur from prolonged use. Homeowners have to keep in mind that the floor is a groove or separated into parts or not. If damaged, it is advisable to immediately replace a new set of tiles to keep the floor beautiful and always usable.
3. Wood Look Tiles have different sizes, which can be caused by low-quality rubber flooring, causing each tile to be uneven in length or blemish. Therefore, before buying, you should research and select the right quality rubberwood tile that can be used for a long time.


Wood Look Tile


Anyone who wants to install Wood Look Tile or wood tile by yourself can be easily installed within one day and can use the rubberwood floor immediately. Here are some tips for easy installation.

1. Level the original surface evenly before installation to prevent the wood tile from becoming rough. If the original surface is a tiled floor, adding grout around the tile groove to be level with the tile is recommended.
2. Start installing from the entrance point or in the middle of the room to the edge of the wall.
3. The main equipment used to install wood tile is glue, so it is necessary to prepare the glue and spread it in the area that needs to be installed within about 30 square meters. Then wait for the adhesive to dry for about 20 minutes, then take the rubberwood floor install it on the original material surface.
4. When finish installing wood tile or laminated rubber floor, use a roller to grind the area around the installation to help the rubber tile firmly attached.
5. If there is a glue stain during the installation and use of the floor, it is recommended to wait for the floor to dry completely, about 3 days. Then wipe clean the stain on the wood-patterned rubber tile floor.

Anyone who wants to install Wood Look Tile or wood tile by yourself can be easily installed within one day and can use the rubberwood floor immediately. Here are some tips for easy installation.

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And for homes that are not convenient to install wood tile by yourself. You can choose to use the services of specialist technicians for convenience and get a beautiful floor in the style you want as well. Now you know, the Wood Look Tile that HomeGuru recommends above is another good flooring material to use. And it’s another new option that increases the convenience of decorating the floor on a limited budget that every home can install by yourself. With various advantages, whether installed in the living room, office, or bedroom, the rubberwood floor will add beauty and elegance without any embellishments.

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