Wood wall decoration one of the beautiful house decorating ideas, whether it is a cement house that wants to get the classic aura of wood. A house that wants to partition the space with a wooden wall that gives a comfortable mood like in the midst of nature. Or even old houses that have been used for a long time and want to transform to look as new, beautiful, durable and practical. Good for both design and function. HomeGuru would like to bring everyone to get to know the decorative wood wall and installation methods through this article.

Get to know wood wall decoration

Wood wall decoration currently there are many types to choose from: Including decorative wood that is real wood and synthetic siding or prefabricated siding, with sun resistance, rain resistance, waterproof, termite protection, hard to get burn by fire and also providing outstanding beauty without losing to real wood at an affordable price. With many designs to choose from, suitable for all types of home decor such as shera wood, conwood, smart wood and etc., which aside from being able to be used as interior and exterior wood wall decoration can also use these artificial wood as lath, paling or even wood flooring. Depending on the strength and the ability to support the weight of each type of decorative wood.

For wood siding that is popular is the synthetic wood cover or real wood like sawn timber and decorative wood gouging.

Sawn Timber is siding boards that use the technique of splice the parts together closely by notching the ends of the material to be laminated. It Is a technique that can help waterproof between joints. Sawn timber is suitable with decorative wood for exterior walls or areas that are likely to be exposed to rain.

Decorative wood gouging is designed to be as beautiful as real wood walls by gouging wood, which aside from being beautiful, it also helps increase flexibility due to heat. Therefore, it is suitable as both interior and exterior wall decoration wood can be installed both vertically and horizontally.

Good wood, good for home…feels so good

Aside from the classic beauty that cannot be denied Wooden walls still have many good features hidden.
Wooden wall cause low pollution for production process, especially real wood walls that only go through the trim process: baked and coated for durable beauty only.
Wooden wall helps to keep sound well with the properties of wood that can absorb more sound than other construction materials, can help increase privacy or use in places that require soundproofing, such as a music practice room.
Wooden walls help prevent heat with low thermal conductivity properties, making external heat difficult to enter. Therefore, it is suitable for houses in the tropics as well as helping to reduce energy use of indirect electricity as well.
Wooden walls are good electrical insulation is a special feature of wood in the case of a short circuit. The wooden wall will definitely not be a conductive medium.

How to install wood to decorate the wall perfectly

Installation of decorative wood on a metal frame is a quick and easy way for houses that want to divide the space into proportions. Or add on the part that doesn’t have the same wall The installation of wood siding in this case can be box steel or C-shaped steel for the construction. After that, use wing drills to secure the plank to the metal frame. When fired, the screws will be embedded into the wood. Makes it possible to use putty filling around the screw hole can be polished to be smooth and painted over to be neat and beautiful but if using normal screws, it is not possible to fire on the steel frame the tip screw type without the wing. Although able to penetrate but the screw head will protrude on the surface of the wood.

Installation of decorative wood on the plastered wall for houses that already have original plastered walls able to use the method to penetrate the plastic anchor into the original cement wall first. Then, shoot the screw to smoothen it. Then, use putty filling material on the screw hole and then decorated as neat as fixing to a metal frame. In addition, the use of nail glue to strengthen the various points will help increase the adhesion between the wood, the wall and the cement to be stronger.

But in the case of installing a decorative wall to the old cement wall Recommend checking first that the wall that you want to install is cracked or leaked. Including checking the flatness of the surface that affects the adhesion as well. If there is such a problem, maintenance should be completed before installation.


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