The exterior part of the house, no matter if it’s the front, side or behind the house; it is considered as a tough area, more than the interior part of the house. The exterior part is always exposed to the sun and rain. It needs material like wood flooring that is sturdy and strong to all kind of weathers. With beautiful look that matches the house as well. Therefore, choosing the exterior wood flooring is important. We should get to know the wood flooring information.

What is a good wood flooring look like? How to choose it? Especially, during the rainy season, what is the type of wood flooring that is not slippery.

Wood flooring

in general has the color of oak, which looks like natural wood. And it is easy to install both on smooth cement and put on wooden structures. This will make you feel closer to nature. Proficient to resist termites, insects and water. Does not brittle, shrink, bend and twist. You won’t be worried on the rainy season because wood flooring is qualified to dry fast. No more worries about slippery floor.

SHERA Wood Flooring

The main feature of SHERA wood is that it has a touch of natural wood. With water and climate resistance, well high tension support, no problem of twisting or decay from humid. With a thickness of 25 mm and 30 mm, same as real wood, suitable for outdoor use. Can be installed on wooden structure, steel structure and concrete floor. Moreover, it is easy to paint with general acrylic water paint.

Important matter – Wood flooring: choosing the right wood flooring that suits your home with reasonable budget. We need to understand each type of wood.

1. Synthetic Wood

Or artificial wood, work as a real wood substitute, it is often used to cover the terrace or on the outdoors, due to good water and humid resistance. Easy to maintain plus low-priced. It helps in environmental conservation. It is also easy to install. It can be used in various practical forms. Available in natural colors

2. Floorboard

Developed with asbestos-free formula, to meet the requirements of modern decoration design. It can be applied together with the inside and outside parts of the building. It is durable with long life, the texture is firm, not easily ruined, safe from the eating of termites, no rupture of the shrinkage. Suitable for practical uses. It can also be covered with floor tiles or other surface finishes. If anyone is thinking about changing the wood floor on this rainy season, let’s change to new wood floor. With many wooden floors.

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