Pillow belongs to everyone in the family that not only helps to relax for a long time and sleep well every night. It can also respond to health problems such as back pain, neck pain in everyone in the family as well, such as health pillows, neck pain pillows, pillows to relieve back pain, but Which type of pillow is good? With the lifestyle in sleep and different physiology of the family. HomeGuru has ways to choose a pillow.


Which type of pillow is good? The production material is important.

The materials for the production of pillows are the first factor that every home must consider. Because different materials inevitably result in different usability properties. Which most of the materials used in production are divided into 2 major categories which are:

1. Natural materials such as soft, fine feathers of poultry such as duck feathers, goose feathers, or natural fibers. Produced from natural materials, there are advantages will not have dust mites, can be folded or easily shaped keeping cold and has a longer life span than pillows made from synthetic materials. But some homes are not popular because of the high price and smell and are not suitable for people with allergies. Therefore, you have to look for a sterile wool pillow by observing the allergy free label or a non-allergenic label.


2. Synthetic materials such as foam, synthetic fiber, rubber, poly cluster, the advantages of health pillows that are made from synthetic materials. It will maintain its shape and regain its shape by inflating the air, not expensive, easy to maintain, suitable for people with allergies. But will have a lifetime that is not very durable.


5 types of pillow that you should have

Goose feather pillow is pillow in the DOWN ALTERNATIVE group with modern technology and innovation. Makes it possible to use fiber to replace natural materials such as goose feathers or duck feathers in the production of pillows. But the property still provides a soft, comfortable and relaxing touch, making every posture of relaxation truly equivalent to sleeping on a goose feather pillow. It also does not cause allergies, so it is a health pillow that can meet the problems of people with allergies as well. Also does not have a disturbing odor throughout the period of sleep.


Charcoal pillow is a health pillow made from natural materials. Like bamboo charcoal which has been burned to a temperature of more than 1000 degrees, eliminating the need to worry about damp odors. Suitable for people who are hot and sweating a lot. Because the charcoal pillow has the ability to help relieve heat while sleeping. It also helps reduce bacteria Help absorb toxins and helps stimulate the blood flow well.


Polyester pillow, there are many types to choose from, from conventional polyester. Which will be full and the right softness but not as soft as natural fibers. And the usage time will be shorter if 2-3 washings are made. The fullness of the pillow will be reduced until it is flat. Polyester ball pillow or ball fiber pillow has good ventilation because of the flexibility of the fiber and has a longer life span than conventional polyester or fiber, which pillow made from polyester fiber is less expensive compared to those of other types of pillows.


Latex pillows are pillows that are commonly used in many homes due to their flexibility. And higher density than general pillows, as well as neck and back pain pillows that can support the weight from the head, neck, back, shoulders, which each model has a curved design to different styles of sleep in different ways. Therefore, does not feel pain during sleep. Some models have ovarian buttons to help massage the head making it easier to deep sleep as well.

หมอนแก้ปวดคอ หมอนแก้ปวดคอ หมอนแก้ปวดหลัง


Memory foam pillow, it is another alternative material to replace natural rubber. It has good elastic properties, can adjust the shape according to the temperature and the pressure of the head of each person in the house. Suitable for those who like to sleep and flip often. A pillow that is tight memory foam pillows are good health pillows that can help relieve aches, pains, neck pain, snoring and postoperative patients. Medical, therefore prefer to use this type of pillow.

But some houses are not popularly used due to the slow recovery of the original pillow. Feels like a pillow is a hole or a basin, but most of the memory foam pillows do not have ventilation holes. Causing musty odor during use and has a high price.


Not only adults inside the house, who have to choose the right pillows that are suitable for their sleeping lifestyles. Children in the house also need pillows that are suitable for their physical body. Currently, the invention and production of pillows for children. Harmless and does not cause irritation to sensitive skin. By choosing materials that are gentle in production since children’s skin is more sensitive than adults, such as memory foam pillows.

หมอนแก้ปวดหลัง หมอนสุขภาพ หมอนสุขภาพ


Which sleeping position should you choose which type of pillow?

In nature, each person’s sleeping position usually changes while sleeping. But each person always has his own favorite position in his heart and choosing which type of pillows will best suit your sleep We have the answer for you.

People like to lie on their side. You should choose a pillow with a bean shape height. Because the concave part will support the neck and head level well or choose a pillow that fits in between the neck and shoulder. And most importantly, do not forget to find a bolster between the legs in order to sleep in the right position.

People who like to sleep on their back. You should lie down to the pillow. Therefore, you should not choose a pillow that is too tall and thick so that the neck is at an appropriate level. So as not to cause a pain in the neck or back, because all parts are balanced.

People who like to lie down. You Should choose pillows that are very low or flat, but it is best not to use pillows at all. But if using a pillow, choose a pillow that doesn’t return quickly. Or use a pillow under the stomach to prevent neck and shoulder pain.

หมอนสุขภาพ หมอนสุขภาพ หมอนสุขภาพ


What kind of pillow is good? A good pillow helps keep the spine in line with the neck, head, and shoulders while sleeping.

Does the pillow have an expiration date?

Aside from the question of what kind of pillow. Another thing to keep in mind is the pillow also has an expiration date. In general, the duration of each pillow is 18 months or more years. But if the materials in the production of pillows are durable Like pillows made from natural materials or memory foam pillows. The service life is approximately 3-4 years longer.

How to check if the pillow is expired or not, you can easily check it yourself. Regardless of the pillow type, it can be done. Just try to fold the pillow in half If the pillow does not return, it means the pillow has deteriorated. And if there is a musty smell, sweat or tear, suggest to change to a new pillow to reduce any health problems that will follow because do not forget that the pillows are used every day. There is accumulation of dust and sweat. If left for a long time without changing it will adversely affect health and cause not sleeping well.


Choosing a Which type of pillow is good that every home needs to pay attention to not let the body signal a warning to physical health problems that can interfere with sleep. A quick tip that HomeGuru would like to recommend is that you don’t have to choose expensive pillows. But choose a pillow that makes you sleep naturally. Quality at a reasonable price and use pillow cover material that prevents bacteria that can breathe well. So far, the health problems that everyone is worried about.

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