For anyone who is going to decorate the garden and looking for a bollard to decorate the garden to make the light glow and look romantic, you should not definitely overlook “Solar Cell Light,” because the solar cell field lamps are better than expected! But how good is it? HomeGuru has gathered information for you.


Solar cell circuits not only help with saving money but give you freedom to decorate your garden easily without consulting a technician. With 10 advantages which can guarantee that the light in your garden will be both beautiful and save your money.

1. Easy to install, no system installation required.
2. Safe, energy saving, environmental friendly.
3. Easy to use, can be decorated in every area both indoor garden and the condo.
4. Long service life with a rechargeable battery, can be used for 1-2 years.
5. There are many shapes to choose from including spotlights, lamps, stadium lights.
6. You can choose both white and various colors.
7. Cheap price, starting at only hundred Baht.
8. Use a Poly Crystal light circuit board that is small but has good energy storage.
9. Easy to use, just turn on the switch for the first time and the battery is ready to store energy.
10. No electric bill.

These are 10 advantages that solar cell light helps to decorate the garden in an extremely easy way. Just place the solar cell light in the desired location and turn on the switch. When the sky is dark, you will get the light that you want. Regardless of which part is used to decorate, it can be done without restrictions. Answer all ideas and decorated the walkway with a decorative solar lawn lamp by placing lanterns periodically to create a line of sight in the garden for a large garden or mixed with the field lights to create a group of lights for the beautiful garden to look attractive, you can do it unlimited ways.

Decorate a small corner with solar cell field lights, short field lights used to line the lawn or in the low bush so that the light can be used in a wide garden or small garden, including on the balcony of the condo easily and hassle-free. Just put in the desired position and turn on the system to work. Just this, any garden will have a beautiful, economical light.บ้านและสวน

Emphasizing the big tree spotlight with solar cells in the area under the big tree. Add up light to make the big tree stand out with warm light. Then decorate it with small decorative field lights, another light that you can design it as you like.


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